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DocuBizz ApS.
Hoerskaetten 18,
DK 2630 Taastrup

Who is DocuBizz:

  • DocuBizz was originally founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1968
  • The DocuBizz Cloud was first launched in 2005
  • DocuBizz was, from day one, designed and offered as a managed service in the Cloud
  • DocuBizz is wholly owned by it’s present management team

What DocuBizz does:

  • Service customers in Europe and North America, across industries and ERP systems
  • Develop DocuBizz exclusively with in-house staff
  • Support DocuBizz users exclusively with in-house staff
  • Always support users directly, you speak directly to DocuBizz specialists
  • Enjoy a close working relationship with leading ERP systems suppliers
  • Are always willing to integrate with your specific ERP/bookkeeping package, if not happened already
  • Encourage and enjoy a close relationship with our DocuBizz users

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