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FIS-ASP Application Service Providing IT-Outsourcing GmbH

Visionary concepts and forward-looking architectures for the right system landscape

FIS-ASP is a subsidiary of FIS-GmbH, which specializes in SAP and the “trade” industry. Today, FIS-ASP provides 30,000 SAP end users with server center services with extraordinarily demanding SLAs.

These SLAs obligate us to deliver values permitting a maximum of 4 hours of unplanned downtimes in application availability. Applications remain available with FIS-ASP. Consulting in the area of SAP and back office (Citrix, Exchange, EASY,…) is our domain.


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FIS-ASP Application Service Providing IT-Outsourcing GmbH
Röthleiner Weg 4
97506 Grafenrheinfeld


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