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Release 1.1: EASY for Exchange is state-of-the-art technology

As EASY executive Willy Cremers announced earlier at EASY WORLD 2015, the new version of EASY for Exchange is now available as of February 1st, 2016.

EASY for Exchange 1.1 is a major release representing a significant re-development of the 1.0 version from February 2014 and including more than 350 additional improvements and expansions.


Focus on current system environments

Our focus – besides additional optimizations to performance and stability – was on supporting current technical environments for customers to use with associated IT infrastructures. EASY for Exchange 1.1 supports the current system environments Exchange 2016 (on-premises), Office (Outlook) 2016, Windows 10, and Edge Browser, enabling these for productive operations.


Now available for mobile users too…

Users of EASY for Exchange 1.1 are gaining the greatest amount of use from the extensive expansion in support for mobile users. The new version accomplishes this first through a long-awaited integration in Outlook Web Access 2013 and 2016 – the web front ends for the exchange versions. All functions of EASY for Exchange, including the search through public folders function also available in version 1.1, are available to users accessing their mailboxes on the go as well.


…and for tablets and smartphones

The second important mobility feature in release 1.1 of EASY for Exchange is the accessibility of archived and referenced e-mails on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. EASY for Exchange 1.1 creates a new classification of messages visible on smartphones (and in OWA) for references. The solution also adds a display and recovery URL.

This allows it to call up a web preview for the archived message, even for archived and referenced e-mails, and to recover the original message from the archive (incl. message header / attachments) and place it into a defined folder. From there, you can continue to work with the e-mail, answer it, or forward it. To use messages already archived on mobile devices in this way, you will need to convert the available references in a one-time process. The 1.1 release includes the required tool.


Expanded archiving rules

Another important new feature is the option to assign archiving rules based on AD groups. With EASY for Exchange 1.1, you can assign archiving rules to particular groups in the active directory (AD, prefix “E4E_…”). The administrator then controls the user’s mail archive by assigning AD users to AD groups.

The 1.1 release expands on the “PST import” that was already included in version 1.0, adding the counterpart “PST export.” The tool as it’s available now allows a mass export of archived e-mails into a PST file.


Support for client Office 2007 dropped

As part of an overdue update, the 1.1 release of EASY for Exchange no longer supports the client Office (Outlook) 2007, the Microsoft mainstream support for which already ran out in 2012.

EASY SOFWARE AG customers and partners will be ready for innovation and equipped for the future when it comes to mail archiving technology with EASY for Exchange 1.1. In conjunction with the other ECM solutions we offer, EASY is meeting market demand, even in exchange environments.

Die EASY SOFTWARE ist Ihr Partner für eine durchgängige Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen. Als Anbieter ebenso zukunftsweisender wie erfolgreicher Softwareprodukte und Servicelösungen, macht EASY Ihr Geschäft einfacher, effizienter und transparenter.

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