EASY Archive Cloud Service Description

1. Overview

EASY Archive Cloud provides GoDB-compliant long-term archiving of your data in the cloud.

1.1 Functional overview of EASY Archive Cloud

EASY Archive Cloud provides revision-proof archiving of your data.

Feature / ModuleDescriptionEASY Archive Cloud
Revision-proof archivingLegally compliant storage of business-related documents, GoDB-compliant document storage
Connection applicationEncrypted connection via HTTPS and SFTP
Full text searchTexts of all files are automatically stored in full text search
Multiple data modelsAdaptive – flexible creation of metadata
Schema – predefined metadata structure
Spooler importSFTP upload
Content Web serviceWeb service for write and read access to all data in the archive
Admin Web serviceWeb service for managing the archive, e.g. user creation
CMIS interfaceManufacturer independent standard
ArchiveLinkSAP Level 1 archiving
EASY Archive Web clientRead access to the archive
Deadline managementAutomatic checking of retention periods, configurable
Encrypted data storageData as well as full text search can be encryptedOptionally configurable
DMS Web clientWrite and read access to the archiveOptional

1.2 Technical solution

EASY Archive Cloud is based on proven EASY technologies; it is hosted by EASY in the data center specified in the order confirmation.

The connection of your business applications to the EASY Archive Cloud takes place via HTTPS. Search/retrieval also takes place via your business application. Optionally, access is possible via a Web client.

EASY Archive Cloud comes in two versions:

a) Public Cloud including a completely commonly used infrastructure (tenant capable)

b) Virtual Private Cloud – dedicated virtual Archive server

The graphic below shows the EASY Archive Cloud architecture.

Die Grafik zeigt die Architektur der EASY Archive Cloud.

1.3 Usage requirements

To use EASY Archive Cloud functionalities, the following business and technical requirements must be met:

  • Valid contract on usage
  • Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth
  • PC workstations including browser and Internet access

1.4 Usage volume

You are entitled to fully use the service within the scope described in the online documentation and at the availabilities represented below.

It is limited as follows according to the selected package:

  • Number and type of your business applications
  • Storage space

Customizations of the above parameters are possible anytime.

1.5 Online documentation

EASY Archive Cloud online documentation is available under the following URL: https://docs.easy-cloud.de/

1.6 Administrative services

EASY renders the following administrative services

  • Order management
  • License management
  • Monthly usage data determination and invoicing

2. Data Security and Data Availability

The EASY Archive Cloud service is hosted at the data center specified in the order confirmation.

The data center is ISO 27001 certified.

EASY Archive Cloud corresponds to the GDPR.

3. Availability

  • EASY Archive Cloud is available 24 hours a day, every day (24X7).
  • EASY Archive Cloud has an average annual availability of 99%,
  • except for routine and planned, announced maintenance activities.

4. Service and Support

4.1 Customer’s points of contact

As part of the on-boarding process, the customer names authorized people in his organization who will be entitled to order fee-based additional options from EASY, as well as to order fee-based and / or security related services. Such orders or commissions must be submitted as text, e.g. via letter, fax, or e-mail.

Errors or glitches can be reported by all key users (a maximum of five people) at the customer’s site.

4.2 EASY Service Desk

The EASY Service Desk (aka EASY Customer Care Center) is the centralized facility for customers (Single Point of Contact). Access routes to the Service Desk are described here: https://easy-software.com/de/services/support/.

EASY Service Desk staff will accept service requests and incident reports (Incident Management). The service requests and incident reports will be documented, categorized and prioritized as tickets.

4.3 EASY Service Desk Service Hours

EASY Service Desk can be reached Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except on (German public holidays and those specific to the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia), as well as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when Service Desk cannot be reached.

4.4 Priorities for troubleshooting

When an incident is reported, a so-called ticket will be created. Response times are dependent on the respective ticket priority. Priority assumes values between 1 (highest priority) and 4 (lowest priority). This value results from the two factors of impact and urgency.

Impact comes in these versions: “High”, “Medium”, and “Low”. It describes how important EASY service is to the customer’s business processes, and which impairments result from the existing incident.

Urgency is based on the degree to which the system is still usable:

  • Total outage of the entire system (total outage),
  • Work is still possible, but only with tremendous constraints (High)
  • Work is possible with some constraints (Medium)
  • Work is possible with barely noticeable constraints (Low)
  • The customer will query the values for urgency and impact when creating the ticket; they will be specified with the customer.
  • The priority of the incident ticket results from impact and urgency as follows:
ImpactTotal outageHighMediumLow
HighPrio 1Prio 1Prio 2Prio 3
MediumPrio 1Prio 2Prio 3Prio 4
LowPrio 2Prio 3Prio 4Prio 4

4.5 Response times with incidents

The time that lapses between opening a ticket and commencement of qualifying processing is defined as the response time. Calculation of that time is performed only within the service hours of the Service Desk. If an incident report arrives outside of these service hours, the guaranteed response time will commence with the following working day.

The following maximum response times are guaranteed (WD = working days; hrs. = hours of work):

PriorityResponse time
Prio 12 hours
Prio 24 hours
Prio 31 working day
Prio 43 working days

4.6 Maintenance window

The respective maintenance windows during which maintenance is carried out are: every day, from 04:00 – 06:00 a.m. (CET).

Maintenance will be displayed in a timely and appropriate manner.

5. Cooperation Obligations

To render an EASY Archive Cloud service, EASY depends on specific cooperation by the customer.

The customer (as the principal) must render the following assistance:

  • Naming a major contact person for all technical questions relating to the system
  • Naming up to 3 key users for communication with EASY Service Desk

6. On-Boarding

The on-boarding process for EASY Archive Cloud is easy. After you have submitted your order for the EASY Archive Cloud service you want, we will perform the following steps for you:

  • EASY will configure the ordered EASY Archive Cloud package
  • EASY will send you the following information via e-mail after configuration
    • URL / domain of your EASY Archive Cloud service
    • ADMIN user
    • Initial password

7. Off-Boarding at End of Contract

When a contract ends, EASY will provide the customer with all data using download links:

  • XML export (metadata and documents)

8. EASY Archi.ve Consulting

The Archive Consulting services that EASY provides offer you optional solutions that enable optimizing the use of our EASY Archive systems for you. Through our longtime experience in transformation projects, we are offering you both Best Practice and bespoke solutions to support increased requirements for revision-proof archiving as part of digital transformation. For more details, please contact us.

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