Exchange Email Archiving

The Microsoft Exchange Cloud Archive relieves the infrastructure

Email archiving from EASY builds on many years of experience with Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Exchange. Use our Exchange cloud archive to back up your email regularly and automatically. Use it as an SaaS solution – at fixed prices, can be terminated monthly.

The advantages of our Exchange Online Archive are obvious: Microsoft Exchange breathes a sigh of relief after the first run. The data volume on the Exchange server is significantly reduced, the Exchange infrastructure works faster – and Microsoft Exchange becomes fluent, thanks to our EASY for Exchange Cloud Archive.

Advantages of the Exchange Cloud Archive

Integrated Exchange archiving

Seamless integration into the user’s working environment in Microsoft Exchange. The result is an intuitive application in a familiar interface with minimal learning curve. Integration with original Microsoft software also guarantees future-proofing. Archiving directly from Exchange and Microsoft 365, with equal support for Microsoft Exchange on-premises installations and Office 365 Exchange.

Use as a SaaS solution

The Exchange Cloud archive costs are incurred monthly and can be cancelled at any time, use Easy for Exchange Cloud as long as you want. With EASY, you get an established and leading manufacturer for archiving, workflow optimization. EASY has approximately 1,000 satisfied email archiving customers using EASY for Exchange and its predecessor product EASY xBASE!

Exchange long-term archiving

High security: EASY for Exchange Cloud provides legally compliant and revision-proof long-term archiving of Exchange data. E-mails contain a lot of business-sensitive information. With EASY for Exchange Cloud, companies can extract this information at the push of a button, and archive it according to legal requirements. In this way, EASY guarantees appropriate handling, especially of confidential but important data of former company members. This also effectively prevents knowledge loss.

Reduce storage load

Effectively reduce Exchange database volume with Exchange Cloud Archive. Reduce Exchange Server storage load by more than 90%. EASY for Exchange provides the option to easily connect legacy data. This eliminates time- and data-consuming migration – our Exchange Cloud archive is designed to be as simple as this.

Exchange Cloud Archive Pricing

The cloud solution complements the classic fixed-installation model with higher agility and flexibility. Part of this flexibility is a subscription model with transparent costs. You can configure their scope of use individually and according to their own needs using the flexible pricing model. The cloud basis also enables rapid implementation of the solution and a high degree of scalability. Without high financial and time investment, starting with EASY for Exchange Cloud is as risk-free as possible. If required, the cloud service can be expanded at any time.

EASY for Exchange Cloud

75 € / month

incl. 25 mailboxes

incl. 10 GB memory per mailbox

additional mailbox from 2.50 €

additional memory per 1 GB 0.15 €/month

one-time setup 375 €

Exchange archiving seamlessly integrated

Of course, from the very beginning of the development of the Exchange Cloud archive, we paid attention to a seamless integration into the Exchange environment. Thanks to this, intuitive operation requires virtually no training time, let alone training on the Exchange Cloud Archive. Exchange archiving is accessed in the familiar Outlook client and via Outlook Web Access (OWA) – so users have quick access to already archived emails in the Exchange Cloud Archive at any time. In addition: EASY for Exchange is an important module for your company-wide information management and a comprehensive digitization strategy.

  • User-friendly: Uncomplicated operation for a pleasant user experience
  • Full text search: Simple and fast full text search even without Exchange Server
  • Mobile email archive: Mobile access to archived emails from any end device

Email archiving with EASY for Exchange

Naturally, we have placed enormous importance on making our Exchange Cloud Archiving solution GDPR-compliant in terms of data protection. With EASY for Exchange, you will be on the legally secure side in this respect. With us you will always handle archived email in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Journaling Mailbox

Compliance – Journaling Mailbox for legally compliant archiving: EASY for Exchange is 100% integrated with the familiar email client and uses referencing – keyword “Journaling Mailbox” – for legally compliant email archiving. Users can access archived emails directly from their email client.

Multi-client capable and high reliability

Unrestricted multi-client capability and high reliability. Use “On Premise”, email archiving in the cloud and hybrid scenarios are possible. EASY for Exchange is designed for multiprocessor systems and provides Active Directory integration for easy administration.

Email Archiving

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