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We are the architects of your digitization strategy.

Digitization is of great importance to every company. Many business models and many processes are being put to the test as part of the digital transformation. There are a plethora of questions about digitization – and the digital strategy consultant EASY beyond knows the answers. They support their clients in the development of a digital agenda and the implementation of your digitization strategy – with a special focus on document and information intensive processes.

Why a digital agenda?

digital agenda

The digital revolution 4.0 is a dramatic, digital transformation in which all processes and structures in a company must prove their future viability. Companies must adapt to the world’s challenges of today and tomorrow. Companies which face the trends of digitization and develop from a closed microcosm into a digitally positioned, networked company will remain close to their customers. They improve their quality, lower their costs, optimise their processes, and open new markets. The basis for this sort of change management in the course of the digital transformation is the digital agenda. It provides the strategic frame of action and the basis for all the decisions which must be made.

Megatrends determine the development

Almost no industry is exempt from the megatrends of digitization, and the effects are always industry-wide. They must be met with solutions. On the data side through the evolution of the backend architecture and data provision towards enterprise apps, the Cloud, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. On the user interface side, where apps, wearables, data analysis, and artificial intelligence are on the rise, and the way we live and work is being redefined from the ground up.

Digitization generates customer benefits

Regardless of your company’s digital maturity, no matter if you’re a beginner or a disruptor, the goal of the digital transformation is always the same: generate benefits for customers. That is also our goal, the goal of the EASY beyond strategy consulting. We want you to benefit from the right digitization strategy, rather than becoming disconnected from your customers sooner or later. That is why we accompany you through your transformation process with all our knowledge.

Market, trends, and genuine sore points

Seeing the forest for the trees.

We are your eyes and ears in a world that keeps spinning faster and faster. In which digitization is turning the familiar upside-down. Efficient processes and information in the company are our world. Where others see complex structures, processes, and architectures with an abundance of courses of action and products and get lost in the daily use and administration of the here and now, we see trends, strategies, and pathways. Benefit from our many years of experience in the management of major digitization projects and our extensive expertise in process design.

Digitizing business processes

Obligation or option?

Digitization is going into effect faster than many people expected. But it isn’t tools and products that determine success or failure. What makes the difference between winners and losers in the transformation is the ability to adapt their business model. Because no one can hide from digitization. It is coming. Relationships with customers are becoming digital and pushing aside the classic sales and communications channels. Consider the flexibilization of processes and the adaptation of business models and core processes as your obligation. Hang on to the tried and tested, optimise the outdated. Lower your costs. Increase your revenues. Improve your quality. Stay attractive. We will accompany you on the way. Identify courses of action. Help you stand out from the business model competition as a winner.

No alternative to digitization

Impetus and drive

Are you drifting? Or are you driving the development? Our advice: Choose an active strategy. Because digitization is disruptive. It pulverizes the business models and mindsets of yesterday. In an interdependent and networked world, your customers demand up-to-date products and services. Organization, structures, processes, legal questions, corporate culture, and individual behavior have suddenly become issues which interlock like the gears of fine clockwork and, at the same time, must be harmonized with the environment. If that is not successful, the transparency which accompanies digitization will reveal it mercilessly. Therefore, you must transform your company and generate as much impulse and drive as possible.

The platform makes the difference

Not a question of viewpoint

Those who want to achieve more must think on larger scales. If the complexity of your backend is slowing you down, while the market demands applications, upgrades, and services from you at an increasingly faster pace, our advice is that you should change your perspective and rely on the power of the platform. Platforms separate applications from data sources. They provide services that operate across applications. They integrate the backend and your data. They integrate interfaces with ease – whether for your partners or for e-commerce systems. Platforms make you more independent and faster. And noticeably so for your customers.

Trust is the most important

Experience beats buzzwords

Lots of people are talking about digital transformation. That’s why we let our expertise speak. We have been involved with the digital revolution for many years. Our experience in the implementation of small, large, regional, and international projects enables us to tell you more than what you’ve already known for a long time. We will be happy to analyze the digital maturity of your organization. Develop your digital agenda together with you and create potential analyses with action recommendations for your processes and interfaces. We will help to strategically position your products and be at your side in the implementation. Because we know that our concepts can withstand the tests of the real world.

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