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Job ads and applicants can be efficiently managed and monitored with the Job Advertisement and Applicant Management in the EASY HR Cloud software. The entire recruiting process is controlled from the software, tasks are assigned to the process participants, and their completion is monitored. Applications are automatically compared to the profile of the job posting, and an initial applicant ranking is created, which is then forwarded to the appropriate department for detailed examination.

Your advantages

The applicant market has changed noticeably during the last few years. Digital transformation, lack of specialists and war for talents define and complicate the search for suitable employees. Modern, software-based applicant management adapts to these demands. As an HR officer, you would like to find new talent quickly and efficiently. But applicants don’t dally either – they expect quick feedback and good structures in the application process. Give your applicants what they deserve.

  • Transparent control and monitoring of the applicant management
  • Fast and flexible processes for the HR department
  • Reliable fulfillment of deadlines
  • Better results in the war for talents by meeting the expectations of applicants in the application process
  • Web-based access to ongoing applications, across locations and time
  • A cloud-based solution with a flexible subscription model

The functions of our applicant management at a glance

Practical dashboard

All the important information is compiled in one interface: the job postings at the organizational level, information on the postings, requirements for education and qualifications, the definition of the workflow, and the interfaces for submission to the linked job portals.

EASY HR Bewerber Dashboard

Digital workflows

EASY HR Workflow

Preliminary comparison of the applicant’s target and actual skill profile and transparent progress administration with automated verification and approval processes from reception to refusal of the placement.

Applicant process

An online application process via the company’s website allows a scoring system for applicants based on the requirements for the posting. An automatic ranking of the applicants is thus created, which simplifies your selection of suitable candidates tremendously. An automated workflow for onboarding processes is included as a template.

EASY HR Controlling


EASY HR Bewerber Workflow

The employees in the HR department and the managers can access open and closed job postings and ongoing applications at any time. Thanks to web-based access, they can also do so from mobile devices while on the go.


What does the recruiting tool cost?

Simply determine the costs for our cloud solution yourself in just a few steps.

The digital assessment center – so you make the right decision

How well do the applicants really fit in your company? Do they also bring the required competencies? Reading applications and résumés is one thing, but the application documents don’t always provide answers. Especially when you receive an abundance of applications, it is a good idea to resort to performance and competence tests for a preselection.

The EASY Assessment Service tool in the applicant management system enables you to do just that, namely the quick implementation of placement tests, fully integrated into the digital application process. Of course, you pose the questions and tasks in the tests individually and tailored to the respective professional and target groups.

Custom online tests: quickly implemented, easily evaluated

Together with our customers, we develop the appropriate tests – be it achievement or personality tests – to discover the potentials of internal employees or verify the competencies of career beginners. We help you to place your personnel selection on a scientifically sound and legally compliant foundation.

  • Clear advantages in applicant management
  • Transparency and clarity regarding the competencies of your applicants
  • Efficient results and evaluations save time
  • Make a good decision and avoid subsequent costs from the “wrong” candidates

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