BVG Berlin Transport Services

In the fast lane

High performance in the capital: The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG; Berlin Transport Services) brings their contract management up to speed with EASY.

The BVG is one of the largest municipal public transportation services in Europe. That demands perspective and flexibility – not only in traffic, but also in contract management. An integrated solution based on EASY PCM Contract Management smooths the way. It consolidates existing contract data from the BVG IT system with supplemental documents and correspondence and integrates them seamlessly into the applications which rely on SAP. The result is clarity, transparency, and a trouble-free cooperation across department boundaries.

Jaqueline Rada, BVG Stabsabteilung, Recht und Compliance

Especially in programming the interface to SAP Real Estate Management and the formulation and classification of the text modules, the EASY experts achieved a real masterpiece

Jacqueline Rada, BVG Staff Division Law and Compliance

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