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Our projects speak for our success. Learn all about successfully implemented projects and how we have found good solutions together with our customers – across every industry and companies of every size.

The quality of the master data is crucially important, particularly in global plant engineering. Because only through optimized SAP master data and high transparency – in the form of quickly “purchase requisitionable” materials in the system, for example – can critical advantages be generated. In the case of this easy customer, that includes, among other things, an annual reduction of process costs in the high six-figure range and significantly reduced personnel costs.

  • 5 SAP® systems migrated to 1 S4 / HANA® system, global use
  • 15,000 material master data per years
  • 10 plants around the world
  • 200 process participants

In a large cosmetics company which markets in 23 countries around the world, the material master system and material destruction process take on whole new dimensions, because new products are added depending on the season and herbal medicine products have a limited shelf life as well. The easy solution used here for automated material master systems and material destruction shortens the cycle times and provides transparency through efficient process documentation.

  • 1,500 material master and bill of materials recording processes per year
  • Material destruction process
  • Multilingual (including Japanese)
  • 2 production plants in Germany

Globally active companies are familiar with it: their employees at home and abroad work on different projects, for example in the field of cooperation agreements. The result is often different systems and lengthy and thus cost-intensive coordination and approval processes. The solution: a globally available system in which the employees can store and approve all contract documents – like with this easy customer. By the way, budget controlling and the option for operational planning are already included in the tool.

  • Corporation (280,000 employees)
  • 500 employees involved can access their operational plans and the project variance analyses any time
  • Successfully implemented in Germany, China (Mandarin) and Mexico (English)
  • All employees have access to the same, current level of information at any time

Financial accounting and human resources departments are some of the most data-intensive departments in a company. The keyword here is incoming invoice SAP. The easy solution in use streamlines and optimizes the work processes, such as the invoice workflow, in the departments. In addition, it includes the revision-proof storage of all commercial and staff-related data.

  • Corporation (8,000 employees)
  • Almost 50,000 documents annually
  • Revision-proof archiving of FA and personnel data

What is better than two well-sorted archives? One single well-sorted archive that combines all files. Our customer, network operator for one of the largest German cities, was using two different SAP-based archives. easy assisted in migrating all personnel files from a long-standing archive to a new archive that was to replace the old one in the long term. A total of 133,000 files over 43 GB were migrated using the easy hr tools for archive imports and exports. The result is a coherent archive infrastructure where every file can be found immediately and reliably.

  • Large enterprise (1,200 employees)
  • Annual turnover of EUR 714 Million
  • Over 29,000 km of power lines
  • 133,000 files migrated

A uniform workflow for processing incoming invoices in SAP offers significant advantages, particularly when companies have a group structure and work across national borders. At this easy customer, those advantages included, among other things, increased transparency and the “automatically” associated efficiency in processing. In addition, are the flawless adherence to compliance requirements and ultimately the significantly reduced risk of fluctuations or downtime of employees due to illness.

  • Large company (1,000 employees)
  • Solution for the entire company group (international, 15 companies, eleven accounting areas)
  • Around 30,000 invoices per year
  • Legally compliant archiving of documents

Thanks to the Digital Personnel File in SAP, our customer mastered the transformation from a paper-based human resources department to the digital personnel file for SAP. The digital handling of all personnel documents and processes through a shared service center is now just as much a matter of course as efficient, process-controlled work in the HR department across all company departments.

  • Mid-sized company (approx. 100 employees)
  • Organizational goal: the introduction of a shared service center
  • Strategic goal: the promotion of digitization
  • Result: the standardization of the personnel file across several company departments

The customer, one of the largest German health insurance companies, had previously created certificates using Word templates and released them via e-mail. On their way through different hands and systems, unwanted discrepancies in text or layout often occurred. Thanks to a central storage of texts, layouts, approvals and more, the customer can now track changes more easily. Process2Design defines processes and permissions for more clarity and Efficiency.

  • Large enterprise (13,000 employees)
  • More than 600 of them are Trainees
  • 10.6 million insured People
  • Budget volume of EUR 41.7 billion for 2020

The greater the volume of documents in a company, the more difficult it is to maintain an overview. Extremely helpful here: digital document capture. With that, our customer can promptly make all documents from the old systems available to the “right” department and directly answer customer questions. Another bonus: high customer satisfaction and assured standards in accordance with legal regulations for retention periods and data protection.

  • Corporation (15,000 employees)
  • Archiving of approximately 350.000 – 800.000 documents daily
  • Already over one billion archived documents
  • As a rule, no more than ten minutes between the arrival of a document and its storage

Clear initial situation, clear goals: invoices, with and without order references, were previously processed manually. In future, they should be automatically captured and archived in compliance with the law. The particular focus is on documents with “Reduction of payment” on the records. The result: the employees in the participating departments now only have to deal with invoices which require action.

  • Mid-sized company (51-100 employees)
  • Rule-based workflows for permanent transparency
  • Significantly more efficient invoice processing
  • Legally compliant archiving of documents

The expense of product changes is generally very high, since all departments, from development to purchasing, check if materials were ordered, if a change is technically feasible and if it is economically profitable. The customer had to struggle with several phone calls, e-mails and five different order forms. Thanks to the easy solution for digital change management in SAP, the process is now coordinated and flows quickly.

  • Corporation (4,000 employees)
  • Elimination of paper and media disruptions
  • Evaluation of change implications from all relevant departments (Procurement, Production, Engineering, Sales, Service)
  • Integration of the SAP change service for performing the adjustments on the systems

Successfully implemented projects

Many renowned enterprises rely on the highly integrated industry solutions from easy. The quality of our collaboration is associated with many names. Come and see for yourself.


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