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With a history dating back to 1905, the Kinopolis Group is one of the longest-standing movie companies in Germany: 17 movie theaters in southern and central Germany with a total of 137 projection halls and 26,300 seats. Every movie theater is run as an independent company, while Kinopolis Management Multiplex GmbH in Darmstadt takes the burden off the directors of the individual movie theaters with its responsibility for key areas such as accounting, contract management and payroll accounting.

It quickly became clear: Keeping track of everything on paper is like a herculean task – especially since the large filing cabinet that was used in Darmstadt to store contracts was bursting at the seams and the flood of documentation was increasing rather than decreasing.

Everything from one single source

Kinopolis found everything that it was looking for with EASY SOFTWARE. In 2017, Kinopolis Management Multiplex GmbH introduced EASY Contract, which was then followed by EASY HR. EASY Invoice was launched in the second half of 2019.

“EASY provides excellent software solutions. Something else was just as important to us, however: In the course of our research, we failed to find any other supplier whose portfolio included products for all of our requirements. (…) „That‘s why our decision in favor of EASY was straightforward.“

Torsten Schwab, HR manager, Kinopolis Management Multiplex GmbH

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