EASY Private Cloud

As a private Cloud provider, we offer you state-of-the-art IT infrastructure at attractive terms. The EASY Software Private Cloud offers you the full bandwidth of EASY software application hosting and Software-as-a-Service solutions – and with that a variety of options for operating your EASY business applications securely in almost every version and integration.


With the EASY Private Cloud, you also gain the largest possible design space in regards to infrastructure, software architecture, processes, and the necessary services. Even shared resources such as databases can be used to the extent it makes sense and you want. That way, you combine the advantages of private Cloud, hybrid Cloud, and public Cloud at their best, anytime and in line with your requirements and your budget.

Advantages of the EASY Private Cloud at a glance

  • Very high flexibility
  • Custom infrastructure design
  • Support of all current software architectures
  • Use of shared resources, such as databases
  • Support and operation of current software technologies
  • Flexibly scalable
  • Can be combined with EASY Public Cloud solutions
  • Can be integrated with on-premises solutions
  • ISO 27001-certified server center
  • EASY Managed Service expert team

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