Creating processes, forms and documents in SAP®

Communicate quickly and efficiently

Whether it’s work contracts, job references, or certifications – human resources employees spend up to half of their working day creating documents. When doing so, not only must they frequently access a variety of data sources, they also often overwrite existing templates. That increases the risk of using outdated data or overlooking updates. The corporate design is not guaranteed when incorrect or obsolete templates are used. In addition, coordination and approval processes across several departments are drawn-out and not transparent.

Purchase-to-Pay in SAP

Reduce administrative activities

Document creation in EASY saves a lot of time. Defined text modules, access to SAP® master data and info types, and electronic workflows ensure that consistent and error-free documents are created in no time.

  • Digitized processes using SAP®-integrated add-ons
  • Accelerated document creation
  • Safeguarding your company’s corporate design
  • Maintaining internal compliance guidelines
  • Alleviation of content problems
  • Support of mobile devices
  • Increased data quality
  • High service quality for employees and managers
  • Process transparency
  • Improved communication in the process
  • Time and freedom for strategic tasks

The functions at a glance

With EASY, documents can be created in just a few steps via role-dependent menus and electronic forms for data entry. The department can conveniently and flexibly maintain all the text modules, so that the valid version is always available.

Self Services

You can involve management and employees in the creation and approval process via employee and manager self-services. The SAP® authorization system ensures that the employees effortlessly comply with all approval requirements. The current status and open tasks are viewable any time and with mobile devices via the SAP® Fiori® Launchpad.

Automatic readout of data from SAP®

Thanks to the solutions from EASY for human resources processes, you can automatically read any SAP® info types from HCM®. They also use the SAP® organization management for digital signature control in document creation.

Text creation in next to no time

Pre-formulated text modules and an intelligent set of rules automate the creation of texts and simplify your work. Additional information can be added via web forms – even directly from managers or employees via self-service.

Fast, transparent, and intuitive

The cycle times of HR processes are shortened significantly thanks to integrated forms and workflows. Real time access to all process data increases transparency. The intuitive user interface allows quick implementation in HR management.


Thanks to 100% integration of our digital add-ons in the SAP® system, you avoid interfaces and media disruptions. They use the workflow, security concepts, authorizations, ESS/MSS scenarios. Thus, EASY supports the IT platform strategy for a homogeneous IT and process landscape. Any other HR and company processes can be implemented with our solution. The same platform can be used for process automation in the area of finance and SAP® Logistics.

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Specialist questions

For which companies does digital document creation make sense?

  • Companies with 500+ employees
  • All companies that use SAP® HCM

What documents are suitable for automation?

Documents which are created frequently and have a high degree of standardization (for example, work contracts, certificates, references, staff letters, bonus letters, anniversary letters)

Does EASY support SAP® S/4HANA®?

Yes, the solution can be installed and operated based on SAP® S/4HANA®.

Can SAP® info types be used?

Info types can largely be integrated using customizing. The integration of customer-individual info types (9000 range) is also possible with customizing.

User groups, data security, and authorization options

Does EASY Process2Go require its own authorization concept?

The authorization system is fully integrated into SAP and is configured via the standard SAP ®applications. Of course, your own authorization objects or even an entire concept can be established alongside existing SAP authorizations.

Does EASY use the SAP® authorization system?

Yes. The additional authorizations can be integrated into existing roles or bundled in composite roles. Classification can be made on different levels, so that access can be explicitly controlled.

Workflows and processes

How does finding employees work in the process?

A responsible organizational unit is defined for every process step, and employees who should handle the process step are assigned to the unit. EASY then determines the processor automatically. Alternatively, customizing tables can also be used if the SAP® organizational management cannot or should not be used. The respective processors are defined in the customizing table, which the process then accesses automatically.

How does notification work in the process?

The process participants receive a work item in SAP® Business Workplace. In certain cases, notification may also occur via email, for example to users who rarely use SAP® or merely should be informed about a specific process status. Managers and employees can view the process status at any time regardless of location and mobile via the SAP® Fiori® Launchpad.

Does EASY use the SAP Business Workflow for the process?

EASY Process2Design® is used as the base. This uses SAP Business Workflow in the background. The administration and monitoring of the process thus takes place using standard SAP programs. You can also use the Cloud Workflow optionally.


How does EASY handle data protection?

All content of the process is held in the SAP environment, and access to the process content is granted only to users who have the necessary authorizations. Accordingly, there is high data protection. GDPR-compliant operation is guaranteed in principle.

What data/accesses are logged?

The users and times of the most recent changes in process steps are logged, without information as to what or how much content was changed.

Other practical issues

Does the access time depend on the process volume?

When creating new processes or accessing existing process steps – for example, via SAP® Business Workplace – the access time remains the same and is barely perceptible to the end user. In monitoring and reporting, the access time depends on the number of processes; the more processes there are, the longer the access time.

Can the customer further expand the solution with their own resources or must the service always be purchased from EASY?

Customers are welcome to expand or develop the solution through configuration in customizing or custom additions – it is not necessary to order these services from EASY. A variety of customers have operated this way. In order to develop appropriate expertise on the customer’s part, EASY also offers special administrator training for Process2Design.

Is EASY SAP® certified?

Yes, the underlying component EASY Process2Design® is certified.

Technical questions

Which modules are required?

Along with basic SAP®, our solution only requires the HCM®. The specification from the HR master record (PA) is sufficient here. Accounting, Time Management, or Organization Management are not mandatory prerequisites for using the product.

Is additional hardware required?

In principle, no additional components are required for process support. An archive system and scanner as well as a Windows Server, on which the software for converting documents to PDF/A and for thumbnails (Preview) runs, may be necessary as additional hardware for archiving and scanning. The Windows Server can also be operated as a virtual machine (VM).

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