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Becker & Döring: DOCUMENTS as a complete CRM solution

Deficiencies in buildings need to be resolved quickly.  Headquartered in Sprockhövel, Germany, Becker & Döring GmbH meets all customer requirements using EASY DOCUMENTS. The DMS solution is used to efficiently manage some 3,300 residential units.

Expanding businesses are only too aware of the problems arising from lack of office space. This is exactly what happened at Becker & Döring GmbH, established in 1982. The business of this company is professional management of condominium complexes. The performance range covers handling all business transactions by its own employees as well as modern real estate management.
In its head office near Wuppertal, Germany, every inch of space is occupied; implementing a DMS solution some five years ago was the logical consequence.  Holger Döring, CEO at Becker & Döring, explains: “It’s not just due to the lack of space that we implemented a document management system. In the first place, our objective was improving the organization of our processes, and our customer management. The result of this was that we were certified by the technical inspection agency to DIN EN ISO 9901:200.”

Fast and efficient processes

EASY DOCUMENTS has been in use with the property managers since 2004. Processes have now become fast and efficient. “Folders used to be found on top of someone’s desk. We had to spend a lot of time searching, but now we can find our documents at the touch of a button”, says Holger Döring. Complex processes arise from necessary repairs of entrance doors or dripping taps: “For example, we accept damage notices from property owners or tenants. These are instantly entered in the system. The corresponding order for repair is sent by fax via DOCUMENTS to established mechanics; the connected fax server confirms that the process has been sent – all of which is performed automatically.”

All processes at a glance

All processes are assigned their own DOCUMENTS files, no matter whether they come in via telephone, fax, or ordinary mail.  “We scan all documents, including our incoming mail. True, this is time-intensive; however, the bottom line is that we are significantly more efficient”, explains Holger Döring. Thus employees, according to their access profile, have access to all relevant processes:  “This allows us to capture and control the different properties very efficiently. At long last, multiple employees can edit the same process. And the resubmission function ensures that nothing escapes our notice.” Processes remain in EASY DOCUMENTS while they are being processed, so they are permanently transparent.  Completed processes are automatically sent to the EASY ENTERPRISE archive after one and a half years.

EASY DOCUMENTS is more flexible than sector solutions

Of course, the numerous sector solutions for the real estate industry were also taken into consideration while looking for a suitable software solution. Mr. Döring commented: “These specific solutions, however, are very static.
EASY DOCUMENTS allows us to meet our requirements individually. We design the workflows, masks and fields the way we need them.” How important is support? Holger Döring says: “We developed the ideas for our industry, and EASY intuitively and expertly implemented them for us in association with otris software AG. We are probably using the system more frequently than other customers, which is why direct contact to the manufacturer is extremely important. Additionally, decisions can be made quickly, collaboration is very direct, and results are quickly visible.”

Good customer management using EASY DOCUMENTS

Quality management is a must for Holger Döring because only this ensures long-term customer satisfaction.  “Managing properties involves many risks of liability, which is why we need to rely on our system. Expiring warranty periods for overhauling measures can be monitored securely, so a check can be made prior to expiration. The entire process will automatically be delivered from resubmission on the deadline date. “EASY DOCUMENTS allows good customer management.”  Becker & Döring used to deploy multiple systems in parallel.  “Now we can replicate our complete processes via EASY DOCUMENTS. This comes as a great relief for our daily business”, explains Holger Döring.
EASY DOCUMENTS is also prepared to meet the new legislation with its amendments in the property laws due to be effective in 2007.  In the future, decisions made at the owner’s meeting (including the files) must be given a serial number for each managed property, complete without leaving any gaps. After a few adjustments, this will be possible via EASY DOCUMENTS – another proof of the system’s investment security.  Holger Döring says: “The system easily implemented the required facility for completeness.  EASY DOCUMENTS is a very flexible tool.  Even if the legislator comes up with a new amendment, we will be ready for it with EASY DOCUMENTS. And this is a good feeling for us.”

Optimum replication of customer relations

Is the system implemented at Becker & Döring a complete CRM solution for the real estate industry? Holger Döring replies: “Yes, it certainly is. Incoming mail and current processes are perfectly linked to each other. The system allows optimum replication of our customer relations and meeting our requirements individually via EASY DOCUMENTS.  We design the workflows the way we need them.”

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