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EASY for SharePoint 5.1 improves on SharePoint – on premise and online

EASY for SharePoint 5.1 improves on SharePoint – on Premise and online

How can Microsoft SharePoint users benefit from using EASY? It’s a question EASY gets often, and since SharePoint 2007, we’ve had an answer: with our SharePoint expansion EASY for SharePoint. In Version 5.1 of the product, released just a few days ago, EASY for SharePoint provides support for the most current SharePoint versions 2013 and 2016, as well as for SharePoint Online from Microsoft Office 365 plans. Additionally, EASY for SharePoint 5.1 provides a series of new features that make the integration of EASY and SharePoint even more seamless in order to evoke the potential synergies between the two platforms even more simply and efficiently.


Cross-system informational links

Essentially, EASY for SharePoint makes it possible for companies that use SharePoint as their primary collaboration platform to access information and documents archived in EASY from processes carried out on SharePoint. This works, for example, for other sources of information such as ERP systems, output management solutions, or personnel and contract management. It allows users to search, view, and display all relevant content archived in EASY on the SharePoint page without switching programs. In this way, EASY for SharePoint makes it possible to generate cross-system informational links and contexts, with SharePoint as the leading application.


Integrated search results

The most important improvement in this application with EASY for SharePoint 5.1 is the integration of search results from EASY in the native SharePoint search. If users want to access EASY content, they no longer need to exclusively use the EASY search page in SharePoint. Instead, users can enter their search terms directly in the familiar global search bar in SharePoint. Search results displayed in SharePoint will also include content from EASY, sorted according to relevance.

This makes it possible to access a document archived in EASY directly from the native SharePoint search with just a click. It goes without saying that the registered SharePoint user’s Windows authorizations are observed, and that each user can only display content from SharePoint and the archive for which he or she has access authorization.


With EASY for SharePoint 5.1, it’s also possible to display data archived in EASY through “business community services” in the form of a SharePoint document library using the SharePoint web parts “BCS list” and “BCS element.” This allows archive content that did not originate from a SharePoint library or list to be available to users in a familiar library or list form for use in business processes.


Automatic archiving possible

Of course, EASY for SharePoint makes it possible to store content from SharePoint (documents from document libraries and attachments to list elements) including metadata (descriptive field values for document library and list entries) in one or more EASY archives in an audit-proof manner. Archiving can occur automatically at regular intervals, in response to specific events (for instance when changed in SharePoint), or manually.

Today, in particular in Office 365, scenarios with SharePoint online allow you to improve regulatory compliance, since tax-related documents and critical company information can be used and processed without restrictions on SharePoint (on premise or online). However, the system leaves audit-proof storage of draft and final documents and file versions to the specialist program in this area, the EASY Archive.


Fully transparent

The 5.1 release of EASY for SharePoint strives for full transparency. For example, the original icons of archived documents and file attachments in SharePoint have been retained. Using aspx links facilitates access to archived documents directly from your browser without additional requests. Documents called up from the archive can be edited and, after editing, can be immediately archived as new versions in EASY without additional user intervention.

This is also possible with referencing. Referenced Microsoft Office documents can be edited directly. For other file formats, it is possible to update the stored file with an edited version in SharePoint. Referencing, or the relocation of SharePoint content, also continues to have the positive effect users appreciate on the SharePoint SQL databank.

With its product EASY for SharePoint 5.1, EASY SOFWARE AG is technologically up to date and perfectly poised for the future when it comes to Microsoft SharePoint, both on premise and online. Combined with other ECM solutions from the EASY brand, EASY SOFTWARE AG is living up to demands in the SharePoint environment as a market leader in the ECM industry.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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