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For nearly 30 years, EASY SOFTWARE has stood for innovative software solutions. Today, our products and services have long been in use all over the world. Countless partners, customers, and users rely on them every day, and thus on our 387 employees. Their expertise focus on service as well as their down-to-earth attitude give EASY SOFTWARE a face, and are a major part of our success. Get to know us and our team better!

The Management Board

Dieter Weißhaar


Dieter Weißhaar has been a member of the Management Board of EASY SOFTWARE AG since June 1, 2018. Since September 1rst, Dieter Weißhaar has been the chairman of the executive board of the EASY group.

Dieter Weißhaar has 20 years of international executive experience in the technology industry. In particular, the economist can boast expertise in the sales, customer service, product management and marketing areas of market leaders such as IBM, ThyssenKrupp Information Services, Oracle, T-Systems and B2X Solutions GmbH.

The Supervisory Board of EASY SOFTWARE AG

Oliver Krautscheid

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Oliver Krautscheid is the chairman of multiple supervisory boards, a financial expert, and a shareholding manager with over 20 years of professional experience. With a degree in business, he is a partner in Value Investor Partners GbR, a family-held company which he founded, and president of the governing board of The Fantastic Company AG. Krautscheid is also on the supervisory committees of EPG Engineered nanoProducts Germany AG, CD Deutsche Eigenheim AG, and Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG. Among other companies, he has also worked for the consulting and auditing companies Arthur Andersen, McKinsey & Co., and KPMG, where he was a partner in the Financial Advisory Services department.

Stefan ten Doornkaat

Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board

Stefan ten Doornkaat has been a member of the EASY SOFTWARE AG Supervisory Board since July 2012. After studying law, he was admitted to the bar at the District Court Düsseldorf and developed his own law practice while also working as a self-employed tax advisor. Since 2003 he has been authorized to argue in the Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf. He is also the spokesperson for the Schutzgemeinschaft der Kapitalanleger e.V. (SdK – Association for the Protection of Capital Investors).

Armin Steiner

Member of the Supervisory Board

Armin Steiner was appointed a member of the Supervisory Board of EASY SOFTWARE AG on August 6, 2019.
The business graduate previously worked as a manager at KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and as a managing director at inTime Express Logistik GmbH. Since August 2015 he has been a member of the Executive Board of Beta Systems Software AG, responsible for Development, Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions, and on the advisory boards of various IT companies.

Our experts. Your contacts.

A diverse company like EASY SOFTWARE survives on the people behind the brand. Below, we will briefly introduce you to a few contacts and experts in our team.

  • Andy Boulton
    Andy Boulton CEO, EASY Software UK

    Andy Boulton has been managing the UK operations of EASY SOFTWARE since September 2018. The former head of consulting and support at Oracle is a recognized expert in the software industry, with particular expertise for enterprise resource planning (ERP).

    • Antonio Del Negro
      Antonio Del Negro Head of Business Unit SAP

      Antonio Del Negro is Head of the SAP Business Unit at EASY SOFTWARE AG. The business informatics graduate has over 15 years of experience in consulting and implementing SAP business processes and is a proven expert in process optimization for SAP software.

      • Süreyya Ecevit
        Süreyya Ecevit Managing Director, EASY Software Turkey

        Süreyya Ecevit has worked in IT industry for 25 years. He is also an entrepreneur and manager in business software industry. He has been in charge of EASY SOFTWARE Turkey, as managing partner since 2012.

        • Birgit Eijkhout
          Birgit Eijkhout Head of Corporate Marketing

          Birgit Eijkhout became Head of Corporate Marketing of EASY SOFTWARE AG in June 2017. She has great expertise in the marketing of ECM solutions and extensive experience in national and international marketing.

          • Andreas Fey
            Andreas Fey Head of Platform Development and Founder ApiOmat

            Andreas Fey leads the development of the EASY ApiOmat platform at EASY SOFTWARE. The computer scientist has 15 years of experience in software development and architecture in ERP, e-commerce and mobile applications. Previously, Andreas Fey was CTO and co-founder of ApiOmat.

            • Jens-Peter Hess
              Jens-Peter Hess Head of Business Unit Portfolio and Product Marketing

              Jens-Peter Hess has led the global Portfolio and Product Marketing department since 2019. With a degree in computer science, he has over twenty years of experience in process optimization, and document management. Previously he served for several years as General Manager at nextevolution AG.

              • Matthias Höfelmeyer
                Matthias Höfelmeyer Head of Partner Management

                Matthias Höfelmeyer is responsible for the management of EASY SOFTWARE’s national and international partner business in a leading position. He has almost 20 years of industry experience and profound knowledge in partner management and sales.

                • Werner Höllrigl
                  Werner Höllrigl Senior Vice President Services and Support

                  Werner Höllrigl joined EASY SOFTWARE AG in November 2018 as Head of Services and Support International. He was previously head of the Oracle consulting division in Germany and Switzerland and can look back on many years of experience at Xerox and Microsoft. Werner Höllrigl is an expert in the development of service businesses.

                  • Dr Lutz Kohl
                    Dr Lutz Kohl Chief Evangalist and founder ApiOmat

                    Lutz Kohl has been involved in app development for more than 10 years. As co-founder of ApiOmat, he has gained experience in enterprise software development in numerous app/web projects with international corporations. As Chief Evangelist he works on innovations and conveys the technical vision of EASY SOFTWARE.

                    • Christian Märzendorfer
                      Christian Märzendorfer Managing Director, EASY Software Austria

                      Christian Märzendorfer is the Managing Director of EASY Software GmbH since January 2011. His 20 years of EASY experience make him a very experienced Easyaner. During his time at EASY, he built up his own team in Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. In addition, he worked as a consultant for EASY partners from 1998 to 2010.

                      • Alfred Pfaff
                        Alfred Pfaff Chairman of the Management Board of EASY SOFTWARE DEUTSCHLAND GmbH

                        Alfred Pfaff is in charge of sales for EASY SOFTWARE in the German region. In February 2019, Mr. Pfaff became Chairman of the Management Board of EASY SOFTWARE DEUTSCHLAND GmbH. Prior to his role with EASY SOFTWARE, Mr. Pfaff held various executive positions in the IT industry, including Chief Representative at IBM, Board Member of Software AG, or Senior Vice President of T-Systems-International GmbH.

                        • Michael C. Reiserer
                          Michael C. Reiserer

                          Michael C. Reiserer founds and participates in innovative software start-ups, such as Apinauten GmbH in 2015. At EASY Software AG, he is responsible for Cloud Sales and, as a digital thought leader, supports customers in realizing their digital vision.

                          • Michael Rennell
                            Michael Rennell President, EASY Software US

                            Michael Rennell is currently overseeing all the Americas operations for EASY Software, Inc. as President. Leveraging significant Executive Management experience, he will be assisting global EASY Software leadership in the EASY 21 growth initiatives.

                            • Gerald Rüdiger
                              Gerald Rüdiger SVP APAC and International Business Operations, authorized signatory

                              Gerald Rüdiger is responsible for the Region Asia-Pacific and supports our international subsidiaries in their growth strategy. He has a proven international track record and a long term experience in Software Business and Cloud Services. He joined the EASY SOFTWARE team in 2013.

                              • Andreas Schneider
                                Andreas Schneider Head of Business Unit ECM, authorized signatory

                                Andreas Schneider is responsible for software development at EASY SOFTWARE AG as well as the associated Development, Program Management, and Documentation departments. Previously, he worked for HENRICHSEN AG, most recently as head of the DMS Solutions department.

                                • Yunus Emre Yildiz
                                  Yunus Emre Yildiz Managing Director, EASY Software Turkey

                                  Yunus Emre Yildiz is the Managing Director of EASY SOFTWARE Turkey since 2012. He has experience in IT industry over 20 years. He has more than 10 years of experience on Easy Products. He is responsible for product development and implementation process in customers projects. Throughout his time at EASY SOFTWARE Turkey, he has built up his own team in Turkey.

                                  OUR HISTORY

                                  Over 29 years of company history are filled with events and stories. Join us on a journey through almost three decades of EASY SOFTWARE and take a look at the milestones along our way.

                                  Our mission

                                  What we do and what our solutions are capable of already say a lot about EASY SOFTWARE. But even more than “what”, “how” really tells you about us as a company. Our mission let you know how we think and what is important to us.

                                  our mission

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