Automated Invoice Management with Minimal Effort: EASY Invoice Smart in the Cloud or On-premises

EASY Invoice Smart now makes efficiency in accounting even more easily accessible. As a standardized out-of-the-box version of EASY Invoice, EASY Invoice Smart provides a best-of-class approach to electronic invoice processing – without the need to tweak scripts or workflows.

EASY Invoice has been established for many years as an efficient solution for digital invoice processing. Incoming invoices are captured in a secure and transparent process, and invoice information is reliably extracted. Each invoice then passes through a verification and approval workflow. Booking data is transferred to the downstream ERP system and the invoice is archived in an audit-proof manner. Customers maintain a perfect overview of all their invoice processes at all times and complete them without loss of time and with maximum security.

EASY Invoice Smart provides customers with complete digital invoice processing after minimal configuration by consultants. The level of standardization, as well as the extremely short implementation phase, are the result of years of experience by EASY as a provider in this field, with EASY Invoice as an established solution among countless users.

In addition to the classic on-premises installation, customers can obtain EASY Invoice Smart as a cloud solution. EASY Invoice Smart Cloud runs exclusively on the EASY SOFTWARE AG platform EASY Cloud, and is continuously supported by EASY’s Managed Service Team. With EASY Invoice Smart Cloud, customers benefit, among other things, from always using the latest released version of EASY Invoice Smart.



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