With over 3,000 installations on the market, EASY Capture has been highly successful, and is used anywhere from individual workstations to multi-national companies. With the new EASY ECM Suite release version 16.1, the solution will probably be available in March 2016. In comparison to its predecessor, EASY has finished quite a few tweaks to make Capture even more high-performing and reliable than before.

“Tuned up” to 64-bit

One of the most important new features is that EASY Capture Plus 5.0 is now delivered in a 64-bit version. This means the solution is extremely powerful, even with huge numbers of documents or very large documents. All components interact much more reliably with one another in a 64-bit environment, meaning users profit from full compatibility with the 64-bit version of Office. Along with this platform change, EASY exchanged SDKs and third-party software for modern applications. Finereader is available in version 11 now, as well, managing multithreading more reliably than ever before.

Centralized configuration and SMTP capability

There’s another great new feature: if you change a configuration, you won’t have to update all objects and applications. EASY also expanded XML import, and it’s now possible to communicate with SMTP authentication in large network environments. The days of internal accounts working without authentication through relay servers are long gone.

EASY Capture 5.0 has also refreshed the document log. In Capture, users can now follow the complete life cycle of a document in great detail. Last but not least, EASY has expanded remote queries as a tool for remote access to databanks. Besides SAP and Sharepoint, you can now access documents and Enterprise.x without detours. Extensive scripting also allows you to connect to external sources.

Three OCR solutions on board

Furthermore, EASY has centralized the three OCR solutions included in Capture Plus into one single engine, expanding its configuration options. Capture 5.0 can now convert documents into black and white before transferring them to the OCR solution, or convert a PDF that’s too complex into an image – including optimization and edge improvement. Also, in the capture-scan module, multiple users can work together on one stack – with each user always automatically receiving just one document at a time.

With all that’s new, EASY has held on to some proven features and to the look and feel of the previous version. Users will feel “at home” right away, even though they’ll be happy to work with a much stronger and better solution.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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