Hertha BSC is a soccer club with a long tradition, but also one that uses modern technology in every area. It isn’t just its soccer training center that was launched at the end of 2018 – including speed tracking and an attached medical center – which is bringing the club success. Hertha BSC is also going its own way from the administrative perspective: The electronic processing of incoming invoices is the keyword, and digital contract management is its planned project supplement. Everything from one single source, all together with EASY SOFTWARE.


Nothing against sneakers – on the contrary

But managing incoming invoices along the beaten track is no longer necessary. As in many other organizations, for a long time, Hertha relied on incoming invoices in paper format – along with all the associated disadvantages. The invoice arrives in the post and has to be distributed and taken to the right clerks. This is followed by checking and approval processes. And regardless of the kind of footwear to be worn in the company: It is a time-consuming process which is far from being transparent. Imagine people being on vacation, staff turnover and all the rest. Being efficient is different, for both the company itself and its employees. Therefore: The approach decided at Hertha BSC was to get off the beaten track.


Work less, create more, be more efficient…

Sounds like a dream - automated invoice processing makes it possible

Get familiar with the topic of “digital incoming invoices” – learn more about how automated incoming invoice processing works, find out about advantages, legal requirements, future-proof invoice formats and much more. automated invoice processing makes it possible


The EASY SOFTWARE was already known to Hertha BSC. After all, the club had already addressed the topic of “digital contract management” some time previously. And so things turn full circle: As the staff at Hertha enjoyed using the solutions from EASY so much, and because the solutions also stood out among all the competing offers, the decision was taken in favor of using the EASY SOFTWARE. The project for the processing of incoming invoices kicked off with EASY Invoice.


EASY Invoice & EASY for Dynamics NAV
– a smart solution for smart teams

Both of the EASY solutions form part of a perfectly-coordinated duo. They only unfurl their full range of options in combination with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, however – which they both extend and complement with essential functions: Incoming invoice processing, contract management, DMS functionalities, etc. The staff at Hertha BSC were also impressed by the seamless integration and user-friendliness of the EASY solution. And the next step towards EASY for Dynamics 365 BC is already being planned.


Benefits of incoming invoice processing

The advantages of digital invoice processing became apparent after a short time. Of course, the benefits can also be quantified: The throughput time for an incoming invoice at Hertha has now been reduced by around 40 percent. And this is an area in which the Factbox in EASY for Dynamics NAV is particularly helpful: All the participants in the invoice management can now track the status of an invoice conveniently on their monitor and edit it accordingly.

Of course, there are always two parties to an incoming invoice. However, those issuing the invoices were also rapidly convinced of the digital invoices and converted their invoicing accordingly. It wasn’t a difficult task: The invoices are generated and sent as PDF files. This also saves resources: to be precise, paper and time – with the outcome that the majority of the incoming invoices at Hertha BSC are now available as PDF files.

Work less, create more, be more efficient…

Sounds like a dream – automated invoice processing makes it possible

Learn more about the use and project process of the digital incoming invoice at Hertha BSC in the success story.

At the end of the day

Do electronic invoices make you happy? They certainly do, if you want to understand happiness in terms of saving time and resources. During the coronavirus pandemic, the path to the destination wasn’t exactly straightforward. However, full use was made of the latest possibilities for communication. Even though it wasn’t possible for all the participants to be on site for the planning and the discussions, the project got off the ground on time. Another important insight gained in the course of the incoming invoice processing project is that – regardless of how meticulously planned in advance – it is the practice itself that ultimately decides the practical success. After all, the devil is usually in the detail, and details are often inherent in processes and workflows. Despite this, it proved possible for these minor adjustments to be made during the daily business on an agile basis – by trial and error.

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