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easy is an active member of the BSI’s Alliance for Cyber Security

easy proudly announces that it is a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This membership underscores easy’s ongoing commitment to strengthening cybersecurity and protecting against growing threats in the digital space.

Through the membership, easy gains access to training, materials, and resources to expand its own knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. This is of great importance as the landscape is constantly changing and up-to-date knowledge is essential.

Of particular value is access to the high-quality cybersecurity alert channel provided by the National IT Situation Center. This channel provides timely, first-class information about emerging vulnerabilities and threats.

As a member of the alliance, easy not only strengthens its own security, but also contributes to improving cybersecurity in general. easy can bring in additional multipliers as a partner, organize training and events on IT security, and share publications to promote knowledge and awareness of security issues.

“The cybersecurity landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Unlike in the past, we now see more professional companies offering their skills as a service and making significant profits from attacks on businesses and other institutions. This underscores the increasing need to be highly sensitive to cybersecurity,” says Andreas Fey, Director IT at easy.

Cybercrime today affects a wide range of companies, from public institutions to medium-sized enterprises. Even smaller companies are increasingly exposed to attacks, with a high number of unreported cases.

easy is committed to working with other members of the BSI’s Alliance for Cyber Security to make the digital world a safer place and to increase the confidence of customers, business partners and stakeholders in the applied security practices.

For more information on easy’s membership in the Alliance for Cyber Security and on the topic of cyber security and cyber crime in general, see the big interview with IT Director Andreas Fey in the easy Newsroom.


As digitalization expert and leading ECM software manufacturer, easy has since 1990 stood for legally compliant, digital archiving and efficient, automated business processes. Over 5,400 customers in more than 60 countries and all industries rely on our company and our strong partner network. Our first-class archiving, ECM, DMS, P2P and HCM software solutions & services form the digital center for data-based intelligence and make people, companies and organizations successful.

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