Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations lacks a feature that is becoming more and more important in the daily lives of many customers: The option to archive documents in a legally compliant manner directly from the application. The need is growing with stricter data protection guidelines. Businesses must store their sensitive documents in the ERP system in such a way that they are protected and audit-proof in the long term. A simple folder system is too insecure; external solutions mean additional effort. EASY for Dynamics 365 FO is one of the first integrations to enable businesses to archive documents directly from their Microsoft ERP system locally or in the Cloud.

A few steps are all that is required to connect the existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO application to the EASY archive securely. The integration archives incoming and outgoing documents; usually without anyone having to move their fingers to their keyboard. EASY for Dynamics 365 FO extracts document data and eliminates the effort of manually typing in all key information. Regardless of whether customers prefer to use the desktop application or the Dynamics web client – the archive integration recognizes all supported document types along with their metadata and attachments. Conversely, users can just as easily display documents from the archive in the Microsoft ERP system and work with them there. Supported document types include the most important everyday forms such as invoices, order confirmations, sales quotations and more.

EASY for Dynamics 365 FO archives in the background, while users continue working normally. There is no break in established processes. Archive integration is so seamless that users familiar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO will be able to master the new functions after minimal familiarization.

The integration is ideal for easy migration from the on-premises model to the cloud – either via private cloud server or via a provided EASY Cloud Archive. The subscription model with monthly costs per user lets customers manage their investment precisely. EASY for Dynamics 365 FO harmonizes perfectly with Microsoft’s new cloud strategy. With the GoB and DSGVO compliant archive for daily ERP processes, compliance issues are a thing of the past.

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