T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

EASY ApiOmat Partner


T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Riesaer Straße 5
01129 Dresden


T-Systems MMS supports large corporations and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation. With around 2100 employees at seven locations, they offer dynamic web and application management and ensure the highest software quality, accessibility and IT security with certified test & security specialists.

What sets T-Systems MMS apart from other service providers in the industry? Its versatility. Thanks to the expertise of its employees, strong corporate structures and established partnerships, T-Systems MMS is broadly positioned and can act in a complex manner. And customer success proves them right: Successful projects and customer satisfaction are the yardstick by which they measure their expertise and our market position. Because T-Systems MMS wants to be a pioneer in helping to shape and reshape digital worlds.

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