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Playing it safe – The EASY SOFTWARE-GRAU DATA partnership alliance

For legal reasons, a lot of enterprise-related data must be stored according to the requirements stipulated by country-specific laws. For companies, this revision-proof storage previously meant cost-intensive investment in specialized hardware. But this has changed! The result of the strategic partnership alliance between EASY SOFTWARE AG and GRAU DATA AG is the joint product EASY FILELOCK, which provides cost-efficient and innovative options for unchangeable retention of data. This joint product as a fully integrated solution on future servers installed by EASY SOFTWARE is the result of an intensive cooperation between both companies.
In this way the market leader will be the only provider of this trendsetting technology, which now enables a complete revision-proof archiving process in compliance with the respective legislation.
This allows enterprises to base the entire archiving solution on existing solutions or hardware from their preferred supplier.
With its “Simplify Compliance” objective, this partnership alliance guarantees trendsetting technology that makes complying with statutory requirements very easy for companies, allowing efficient and effective implementation.


GRAU DATA AG is a flexible, powerful midsize business with longtime experience in the HSM and archiving sector. It markets its software products worldwide via distributors, resellers, integrators, and OEMs. The company is headquartered in Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart (Germany); with sales offices located in Paris (France) and Denver (USA) to service international partners. The core business of GRAU DATA is flexible, scalable and revision-proof archiving of enterprise-critical data. The high-end product ARCHIVEMANAGER has been installed with more than 200 customers throughout the world; it manages archive capacities of several terabytes, even extending into the petabyte bracket. The new product FILELOCK enables hardware-independent long-term archiving of standard hard disk systems. FILELOCK is ideal for replacing outdated jukeboxes. Its capacity starts at 0.5 terabytes to target the large market of midsize businesses by offering a cost-efficient product.

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