Good customer relations with digital customer master data creation in SAP®

Clean customer master data are essential in order to be able to process customer orders quickly and efficiently. Only then can customer orders be handled smoothly across all markets and channels. Satisfied customers are the “cherry on top”. With our EASY Customer Creation Process solution, you can digitize your customer master data creation process in SAP® and control it intelligently.

Customer Order Processing SAP

Benefit from correct customer master data

When you handle customer orders, you rely on customer master data in a variety of process steps – from the customer query to the availability check and delivery and on to payment.

The challenges in the manual creation of customer master data

In practice, new customer master data often come through “chaotic” processes in SAP® SD (Sales and Distribution), because the necessary information is rarely bundled, but rather usually present in emails and caller records. Therefore, errors can result from the manual transmission of the data to the SAP® system.

In addition, the time and expertise to check if existing customer data can be used or updated are frequently lacking. Instead, employees often create redundant master data.

The effort of providing customer master data to the necessary sales areas and company codes should also not be underestimated.

The digitized creation of customer master data increases your performance

With EASY Customer Creation Process, employees are able to start the customer master data creation process easily and compile all the information in the digital process before it is automatically entered in SAP®. As a result, it is always possible to document how the new data entered the system. In addition, a duplicate check helps prevent redundant customer master data in SAP®. An simple interface in which only the fields you actually need are visible increases the satisfaction of both occasional and experienced SAP® users.

The advantages at a glance

  • Structured creation of customer master data
  • Participating departments are automatically included in the workflow
  • Easy and adjustable interfaces
  • Validation of the customer master data
  • Automated duplicate check
  • Automatic customer master data creation for multiple sales areas
  • Approval history shows the exact process flow
  • 360° process transparency: the process statistics show the point at which the process currently is in real time. As a result, bottlenecks can be identified early
  • You can adjust the process flow to meet your needs with no trouble

An optimized creation process works this easily

SAP duplicate check as soon as sales representative enters sales opportunity

A field service employee would like to record a new opportunity and needs a new customer to do so. They enter the basic data and perform a duplicate check.


A sales office employee expands the customer master data in accordance with the internal specifications and has them checked. Alternatively, the data could also be automatically added via customizing tables.


Internal Sales checks SAP customer master data
Improve data quality in SAP customer master data

In order to increase the data quality, a sales inspection team can double-check the entries before the new customer master data is actually automatically entered in SAP®.


Accounting maintains the company code data. Alternatively, these data could also be entered automatically via customizing tables.


Accounting maintains company code data in SAP customer master data
Creditworthiness, Sanction Lists and Dunning in SAP Customer Master Data

Credit rating, sanction lists, and dunning can be optionally integrated.


Then the customer is automatically entered into SAP® (in the company code and, if applicable, in multiple sales areas)


Creating customers automatically in SAP

Our services at a glance

Streamlining and extensive reduction in complexity of the processes

Significant cost savings over the previous process

Quickly installed, best practice solution which can easily be adapted to your needs

Fully integrated in SAP®

No programming knowledge is needed for the EASY Customer Creation Process. The process can be adjusted in consultation with the employees to meet their needs.

Our process supports your SAP® technology 100 percent and uses the SAP® Business Workflow, so that no further training is needed. EASY Customer Creation Process requires no interfaces or additional hardware. Our solution also uses the existing privileges or role concepts in SAP®. Additional features are multiple languages and Unicode-capability.


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