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The management system for invoices

DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH develops and distributes integrated parking management solutions. The parking systems of the Kiel-based business are used throughout the world. Accordingly, the invoice and document volume is extensive. To control the paper flood, pilot customer DESIGNA selected a solution for automatic processing and archiving of incoming invoices: EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The project was implemented in close cooperation between EASY and isn GmbH of Kiel, Germany.

DESIGNA represents integrated solutions in the car park management sector, which meet three decisive factors: innovation, efficiency, and reliability. With its experience of more than three decades and over 6,000 installed fully automatic parking systems, the business sets new standards and gives its customers a crucial competitive edge.
With more than 200 employees, DESIGNA’s presence can be felt in more than 30 countries through distribution and service branches as well as seven subsidiaries. Ever since DESIGNA engineers developed the first automatic parking system some thirty years ago, their PARKMASTER system has been installed on an almost daily basis somewhere around the world. So the parking systems from Kiel are known today from Dubai to Singapore, and from Warsaw to Cape Town.


Minimum installation effort, flexibility, user-friendliness, and networkability are some of the factors that make DESIGNA products set standards. So it’s obvious that when looking for a document management and archiving solution, the company will revert to a software that stands out through just such attributes. And indeed DESIGNA had long since selected EASY ENTERPRISE.i, EASY for NAVISION, and the EASY LOGISTICS CENTER (ELC).
To control the constantly increasing paper flood when processing daily incoming invoices, organize filing and have documents available faster, it was decided to additionally implement a project on electronic invoice processing.
At the time the initial workshop took place at isn, Andreas Rotter, Manager IT & Processes at DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH, had a clear notion of which concrete results the future project solution should produce: “Our goal is to process incoming invoices from entry up to posting in Navision within three days. At the same time, the accounting department should be relieved, the responsible employees in the costing center even at remote locations should be able to access invoices via EASY DOCUMENTS, generally ensuring a better overview of our business management.”
To implement these requirements, EASY and isn suggested that the customer implement the then state-of-the-art preconfigured solution package EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. So not only the current version 3.51e of the DMS and workflow solution EASY DOCUMENTS were designated for deployment, but also the EASY INVOICE components

– CAPTURE export service


– document import

– workflow and the

Navision ERP connector

Seamless Navision-EASY ENTERRPISE interaction

DESIGNA eventually agreed to launch the pilot project with EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Right from the start, Andreas Rother had no reservations about trusting the EASY solution: “The positive experience we had in the past was a crucial factor in selecting EASY. In particular, it was seamless Navision-EASY ARCHIVE interaction that had a profound influence on our decision.”
EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV now provides DESIGNA users with a Control Center including all data relevant to processing invoices, which allows either direct execution or control of all processing steps. Following the initial productive mode phase, it will be determinable whether the EASY INVOICE solution can handle “special features” such as default recognition and processing of invoices with or without order reference, under- or overdeliveries as well as unit billing. That’s why DESIGNA has already ordered other EASY client licenses to enable it to include more employees in the invoice verification workflow.

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