EASY ApiOmat: the Multi Experience Platform

EASY ApiOmat provides a comprehensive platform to holistically accompany its customers on their way to digital transformation. Companies are supported in implementing their innovations in an agile, fast, and scalable manner. With EASY ApiOmat, users create modern applications that excellently meet today’s constantly changing requirements. By decoupling front-end and back-end development, multi-experience applications are implemented much faster, operated securely, and integrated with existing legacy IT.

Multi-experience for every device, for every service

EASY ApiOmat enables you to rapidly deploy new digital products and services to any front-end device through essential skills:

  • Analytics: Measure success and continuously improve the user experience.
  • Multi Channel: Build new services for bleeding-edge devices and extend to new channels.
  • Integration: Decoupled Integration of Legacy & NewTech. Quickly connect IT, SaaS, AI and IoT to any user device.
  • IT-Governance: Maximize standards and enforce compliance for every app.
Multi Channel Experience

EASY ApiOmat enables companies to establish a multi-experience layer to quickly develop new solutions for any front end. Digital services can thus be easily extended from a web or mobile app to include chatbots, voice assistants, or even AR and VR headsets.


Conversational UI

PlanetHome, a leading German real-estate company, digitalized their conversations with customers by integrating enterprise IT systems with Amazon Alexa and chatbots.



A utility company revolutionized their sales process by creating an app in 1 month that allows them to collect customer requirements and create personalized offers.


Web portals

One of the Largest State Banks in Germany built web apps and APIs for their B2B customers, streamlining processes and allowing customers to work more independently and digitally.

Multi Experience

Discover useful whitepapers, webinar recordings, guides and checklists on EASY ApiOmat.

  • Whitepaper: Win-win with employee self-services

    HR managers are spending more and more time managing and maintaining employee data and documents – time which is not available for core tasks such as recruitment. Self-service portals have clear advantages: Simplified processes, a time saving and increased satisfaction, along with easy implementation and the clear management of the data protection and access rights.

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Customer Stories
  • LBBW‘s new customer portal offers a future-looking and smooth userexperience. According to Thomas Löffler, IT manager for LBBW‘s Commercialplatform, LBBW is extremely satisfied with the current statusof the project and the collaboration with EASY.

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  • Accessing healthcare should be easy and on-demand and for those insured with the Linde Corporation’s Health Insurance, it is. BKK Linde built their newest digital service at startup speed while ensuring the project, and all future projects, will fulfill EU data privacy standards as well as special German insurance-data privacy regulations.

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