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A tearproof connection

Nexans Germany is a leading European cable manufacturer. The enterprise provides an extensive range of high-performance cables, systems, and components for telecommunications and the energy sector. Supraconducting materials and components, Croyflex transfer systems, and special machines for the cable industry round off its product suite. About 6,240 employees produce all these products both in Germany and abroad. Annual sales amount to about €958 million. Close integration with the Nexans Group provides Nexans Germany with excellent opportunities for making use of synergy in all departments. This applies to worldwide projects, as it does to research and development, exchanging know-how, etc. For more information, see Nexans Deutschland GmbH has been using EASY software since as early as 2001.
“We’ve been successfully collaborating with EASY for years,” explains Marlene Maas, Chief Information Officer at Nexans Deutschland GmbH. “In 2001, we introduced EASY as a simple archive system in combination with SAP. Our intention was to part with paper documents, so we needed an electronic archive system. Following a market analysis, we then selected EASY.” Its value for money is one of the main reasons for this selection.

Employees welcome the electronic archiving software

“The implementation of the electronic archive system met with approval from our employees,” says Marlene Maas, describing the situation after EASY software implementation. “There were no difficulties at all, and we had only a very brief introductory phase. Our employees fully approved of the system” and, due to trouble-free handling, in-house training for users went without problems. In 2007, EASY CONTRACT was implemented for digital contract management.

“We want to part with our basement room.”

Another field of using EASY software is archiving scanned purchase invoices: “We want to part with our archive basement room.” Moreover, implementing complimentary EASY features is being considered at Nexans, with e-mail archiving among these. “Our goal is an archive along a wide front,” concludes Marlene Maas.

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