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Autohaus Brüggemann is tuning its administration using EASY ENTERPRISE

The case for a solution from EASY SOFTWARE

“Our monthly statements kept producing a tremendous paper deluge in the Finance/Accounting department,” says Reinhard Hallmeier, sales manager, explaining the trigger for conversion to digital archiving at Autohaus Brüggemann. To separate, sort, punch, and then file away the journals and excerpts to be eventually printed for these monthly statements, we used to allocate two to three working days per month to an employee in the Accounting department. And this document volume was continually growing as the size of the business expanded. Moreover, archiving our own created documents, i.e. outbound invoices, was the crucial factor in purchasing an electronic archive system,” explains Reinhard Hallmeier. This eliminates the need for filing documents away and which used to fill 30 to 40 folders every year. In addition, we appreciate the quick search options that EASY provides and that remove the need for long searches through the folder shelves. Additionally, the full text search engine provided a very powerful argument: This type of search appealed to us in particular, and this was ultimately the crucial factor in selecting EASY.

Twelve years of cooperation shaped by satisfaction

Autohaus Brüggemann has been using products and solutions from EASY SOFTWARE for more than a decade. Initial installation was performed in 1995, and this has been constantly updated in subsequent years, says Reinhard Hallmeier. Currently, we are using the EASY ENTERPRISE.i 3.51 version. Implemented by the specialists from Osnabrück-based F1-innovate GmbH, a longtime EASY partner, this project was completed without problems. The training phase was fairly brief. Also, initial training for document search was limited to just half a day. A brief instruction on updates to be performed sporadically, which took a maximum of 30 minutes, was enough. The program has met with a positive response throughout from our employees because it eliminates time-consuming and sometimes vain searches for documents.

The results fully justified selection of EASY

We are extremely satisfied with the solution for archiving our emails and fax messages, sums up Reinhard Hallmeier. It’s a very stable solution that runs without any appreciable administrative effort. The full text database and full text search  engine are its most convincing features. Time and again, our employees keep lauding the speed at which documents are found via keywords. We’ve certainly reached our goals, we’ve visibly contained the paper deluge in the sector of our own created documents, and significantly reduced search time when searching documents. Our requirements have been fully met. In a nutshell, the decision for selecting EASY was right.
Autohaus Brüggemann continues to rely on EASY SOFTWARE
Resulting from prior experience, the company from Rheine-Mesum will continue to use EASY SOFTWARE products and solutions in the future: This year we intend to archive our Finance/Accounting documents using EASY. In addition, presumably also a target for 2008, our plans include the use of the EASY Scan module. We intend to initially scan our incoming invoices, and then archive them, because space in our previous paper archive is visibly diminishing, comments Reinhard Hallmeier.
So the EASY success story at Brüggemann will continue…

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