Businesses bank upon the Cloud

Cloud services are becoming increasingly important for businesses. In this area companies have still to date shown reluctance in accepting such offers. For sceptics there were in particular concerns regarding the lack of data centre resources in Germany, the lack of know-how simultaneously accompanied by too high a level of complexity, integration issues and legal uncertainty. In addition, many applications were not ready for deployment and operation in the Cloud.


Rising acceptance

Now that the tide has turned, the acceptance of virtual storage has increased. More than 74 percent of all businesses are actively planning the introduction of Cloud services, are currently installing them, or are already using the Cloud in production. This emerges from a study by Crisp Research. In particular hybrid and multi-Cloud infrastructures are being used to ensure the integration of data, applications and processes.


Lower costs are proving attractive

Many factors have contributed to this positive and promising development. On the one hand increasing cost pressures in IT departments. Eventually the Cloud promises lower costs, no more need for hardware investment, and access to an operating cost model. On the other hand considerably more server resources are now available in Germany and Europe.


Data protection at a European level

Cloud integration has now also become a constituent part of the specifications for the development of new applications. A high level of availability with professional service levels and data protection according to German and European standards is now possible.


Open challenges

Nevertheless the market faces challenges, says Crisp Research. In particular standards like OpenStack or OpenDaylight are necessary, as are end-to-end security, governance and compliance. Moreover it would be worthwhile to bring more transparency to the tariffs and to place usability and ease of use in the foreground. Only those who take notice of this will have long-term success in the marketplace.


Good prospects for EASY SOFTWARE and its future Cloud offers – for all the points raised here have already been taken into account.

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