Digitalize HR Processes to Ensure a Safer Workplace

Now more than ever, companies have to take extra measures to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for their employees. Traditionally, safety and health protocols are paper-based processes; which means, these processes do not ensure that data privacy is enforced or that employees are automatically informed of any risks they may face at work. Our goal is to help prevent the spread of infections through viruses such as COVID-19. We want to ensure that an organization’s place of business is safe for employees, customers and business partners. To achieve this, EASY SOFTWARE has released the EASY ApiOmat HR app to help digitalize HR processes including occupational safety measures, reporting infections and registering employee or guest attendance in the office.

To keep offices and working spaces safe while returning to business, employers must ensure that they take measures to prevent the virus from spreading to their other employees and to any guests visiting their locations. They can accomplish this by tracking who has been infected and who may be at risk. The EASY ApiOmat HR app helps companies digitalize this tracking process and ensures, at the same time, that data privacy does not go by the wayside. The app’s health module enables companies to immediately be informed about possible infection chains – allowing the HR department to take preventative measure and inform other employees or guests that they may be at risk of being infected.

The app’s built-in employee attendance and guest list allows employees to check themselves or guests into company locations – whether these be a certain section of the office building, specific stores or factories or any other kind of shared space. Users can then report via the health module that they have become infected or that they have come in contact with an infected person.

Once a user has reported a case, the EASY ApiOmat HR app automatically identifies who may have come into contact with the infected person by checking through the attendance lists of the last 14 days – eliminating the need to go through various paper documents.

HR departments are then informed and are able to access a separate dashboard. This HR dashboard displays all employees and guests who have been reported infected as well as all those who are at risk of infection. This allows the HR department to contact the individuals directly to inform them about the preventative measures they should take – such as working from home for a specific quarantine period. This allows the company to continue business as usual without putting their other employees, guests and customers at risk.

To ensure that all of the data regarding infections and infection chains is secure, none of this information is stored on a user’s device. Instead, this data is stored securely on AWS servers. All the information is encrypted and only accessible via the HR dashboard. Each employee only has access to their own data and data is only made available to the HR department in case of an infection or when users are at risk. The attendance data can also be deleted after a set period of time or even exported if the company requires a detailed report for legal reasons.

With the health module, companies are not only prepared to start returning to normalcy more safely; they also have a digitalized process for fighting other illnesses such as the next wave of influenza or other infection diseases. Additionally, the HR app was built in just five weeks using the EASY ApiOmat platform and it extends this speed to the customers. The EASY ApiOmat HR app can use the platform’s modules to quickly integrate into existing HR systems, Office 365 authentication and other IT systems.

With the EASY ApiOmat HR app, customers have a solution up and running in less than a day to ensure they can take the proper precautions across their locations while ensuring that their user’s sensitive data is protected. The app is built with users in mind, utilizing the best UX design practices that every user expects from a mobile app. The visuals can be easily adapted to match the customer’s corporate identity.

The app also provides companies with the ability to digitalize other HR processes such as sick leave, booking paid time off and company news. Each of these features can be integrated with the company’s existing IT systems to help companies digitalize and mobilize more of their business processes.

The EASY ApiOmat HR app for iOS and Android uses encrypted communication with ApiOmat, which runs on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to make it a highly scalable solution. This also means that customers can have their app run in the AWS data center in their region or country, which is especially important as the app uses personal and health-based data. With AWS, customers can be sure that their data is saved at a place they can trust.

Another benefit of using AWS is that ApiOmat can be deployed in customers’ own Amazon Client VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). AWS also enables customers to integrate their on-premises ERP or HR systems by using the AWS Client VPN service. On top of this, the app allows customers to leverage the AWS Directory Service, a managed Microsoft Active Directory service, to allow users to authenticate using their Microsoft accounts.

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