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Whitepaper: Smart Data Archiving for SAP and the Entire Enterprise Range of Applications

How to make archived data from SAP and other applications more usable through integrated document management.

Whitepaper: From costumer to brand ambassador – Experience Management

Learn more about the benefits of experience management and how to set up an XM program step by step.

Whitepaper: Completing SAP ILM projects the right way – Full flexibility despite GDPR

In this whitepaper, you will learn best practices for preparing for an ILM project and learn more about the legal background to data archiving.

Whitepaper: With employee and manager self-service to HR 4.0

How to successfully develop your human resources in digitization. With employee and manager self-service to HR 4.0. ESS and MSS Are an Important Building Block for HR Digitalization and for the Human Resources of the Future.

Whitepaper: How to optimize your material master data – Step by step to a successful project

In this white paper you will learn how to start a project to optimize your material master data in SAP and thus create a solid basis for your future business success.

Whitepaper: Virtual customer contact: The best option now and an opportunity for businesses

With the help of practical examples that were implemented already, this whitepaper will show you how to take this step towards digital processes and satisfied customers and employees successfully.

DMS Requirements Catalog & Checklist

What should be considered when choosing the appropriate document management system? This free white paper provides you with a checklist to help you select your DMS step by step.

Whitepaper: Contract Lifecycle Management in ECM systems

New contracts appear every day.  For example in purchasing, sales or service departments.  It is difficult to keep an overview because most contracts include important deadlines and a variety of attachments.

Whitepaper: Digital Collaboration in Contract Management

Inefficient processes in contract management are real margin killers. Integrated contract management solutions focus on the user experience of all process participants and ensure a seamless workflow. By working with collaboration applications such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive as well as electronic signature applications such as DocuSign, your contract management becomes a digital process without any media disruptions.