ECM paving the way for digitalization

From a technological standpoint, one of the biggest challenges in digitalization is in managing and using the growing flood of data. Big data is a term that’s on everyone’s lips, but concrete solutions for paperless, fully digital processes, and for managing and processing large amounts of data and documents, are usually pure ECM solutions. In this regard, well-done enterprise content management is one major part of digitalization, and definitely paves the way for it. Without digital processes, documents, and data, there’s no digital transformation. ECM brings light into the data and document jungle, a jungle getting thicker every day because of digitalization.


Practical example from the health insurance field

With around 825,000 individuals insured, Sanitas is one of the largest health insurance companies in Switzerland, and made the switch to a digital archive several years ago. During the course of ongoing digitalization, the insurer now wants to create a new online portal for its customers to ensure they have round-the-clock access to their policies and important documents from anywhere. Using the ECM backbone and “clean” ECM management, this was relatively simple for Sanitas. In this process, all documents are indexed and saved in a centralized manner. Sanitas also uses centralized management. They only need to create a service interface for the online portal in order to be able to give their customers access to their documents.


Each journey begins with the first step …

Many companies are still looking for the right business model for an ever more digitalized world. But even if this kind of business model doesn’t exist yet, it’s already possible to create the basic conditions for a successful digital transformation internally. This includes updating and preparing your company’s ECM. The age of digitalization brings with it an ever-growing flood of data, as well as increasing pressure on companies to effectively and efficiently manage information, content, and documents.

Marco Büchel-Luzi is head of the Zürich ECM teams at EASY partner ELCA. Here you can get in contact with the author on Twitter: @marconbuechel

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