A suite for simple ECM

It was at the EASY World 2014  and partner information day in January 2015 that we first announced it: the EASY ECM. But what is the idea behind the software? Many of you are sure to be familiar with the terms EASYWARE and EASY ARCHIVE. Is the EASY ECM “just” a further development of these software worlds, or is there more to it?


Keep it simple, interaction and networked worlds

These are the three requirements that customers place on us. With these principles, we are reacting to the latest market developments and are driving the focus of the product worlds forward.

Firstly, our software should be made simpler and simpler. For most consultants it is important to be able to optimise their clients’ processes and sequences; rather than having to carry out protracted installation routines and system configurations. Furthermore, it is important to us that our software improves co-operation between people, and does so across locations, borders and time zones. We do not want to create island solutions; instead we want to guarantee a perfect interplay of all associated systems. This is how we are shaping the future together with you, and underpinning it with our product strategy “one function, one solution”.


Preserve established values, create added value

The key points, like a high scope of operation of our software solutions, the security of the stored information and a flexible scaling from small enterprises to multinational corporations, remain.

But it is also important that we offer added value for our new and existing customers. Standardising the projects and scenarios lies at the forefront of this; but we also want to make customisations possible. Thanks to a seamless transfer of the existing EE.i-systems to the EASY ECM, we are offering our numerous existing customers security with regard their investments– viewed in monetary terms, and all customers the necessary futureproofing – when viewed in technical terms.


A solid investment

Now you are sure to be asking yourself: “How will EASY SOFTWARE AG achieve this?” The EASY ECM project is one of the largest projects that we have undertaken over recent years. We are making massive investments in improving the products, in brand communication and in personnel resources – with customer benefit as the primary goal.

Adapting the product range is one of four fields of action. We are also actively dealing with the market, with people and with processes as part of our company strategy. We look at the market in its entirety, and distribute the resulting tasks across our large team.


EASY means new thinking

The EASY ECM stands for simplicity:

  • easy to understand
  • easy to use
  • easy to install
  • easy to integrate
  • easy to operate

The EASY ECM thus stands for the new EASY – and EASY means new thinking.

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