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Germany’s largest motion picture operator implements EASY ENTERPRISE as a company-wide DMS solution

With 3,300 employees and 85 movie theaters, Germany’s largest motion picture operator Greater Union Filmpalast GmbH (CineStart Group) has implemented the DMS solution EASY ENTERPRISE on a company-wide basis.  In the future, all incoming invoices will be automatically processed and archived electronically. WMD (Workflow Management & Document Consulting) of Ahrensburg, Germany was commissioned to implement this project. Integration of the recognition software Docutex Xtract for Documents ensures efficient digital classification and extraction of documents to be read.
The fully automated, integrated DMS solution has been running in productive mode since June 2007. It is used for verification and release of  incoming invoices by some 150 users in various locations of the business group. As part of the project, digital contract management was implemented in the initial rollout phase for the company’s legal department.
Greater Union processes a volume of some 60,000 invoice documents and about 10,000 contracts a year in 56 locations and for 28 different clients. The company uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) as the key finance and accounting system.Â
The variety of distributed locations at Greater Union frequently used to make processing times and retrieval of original documents and records an awkward business, sometimes even causing losses. Long shipping routes, mislaid documents, late release, vague responsibilities, the danger of discount losses  – all this led to the decision to get things sorted out properly in the company and to implement a company-wide DMS solution that was to ensure transparency, clarity, brief routes, and central access.
An integrated solution to meet all requirements
The EASY ENTERPRISE DMS/archive server offered an integrated solution to meet all requirements at Greater Union. Along with EASY for NAVISION, EASY ENTERPRISE was integrated as a revision-proof archive and EASY DOCUMENTS was integrated as a powerful workflow component into the Navision environment. The EASY solution packages EASY INVOICE and EASY CONTRACT are used as the basis for the deployed process solutions for invoice verification and contract management.Â
Two central scanners at the Lübeck-based headquarters now capture all incoming invoice documents and all contract documents, using the new solution. Â
EASY CAPTURE is used interactively to scan incoming invoices. Following this, all data that the invoice documents contain is digitally read via the recognition software Xtract for DOCUMENTS. The WMD system interface FlexPost transfers the digital data to the workflow solution EASY DOCUMENTS.Â
Electronic invoice processing via EASY INVOICE
The preconfigured solution EASY INVOICE is used to continue processing the invoice data. After conversion via EASY workflow the created data record is transferred to Navision, where it is posted. The release process that follows for payment takes place via the EASY workflow, which controls the assignment of invoices to FI/CO employees and auditors (depending on client, GL account, cost center, and release limits) in great detail.  After payment is made, the data is archived in EASY ENTERPRISE in a revision-proof manner, and can be retrieved at any time. The workflow can be subsequently customized to altered corporate workflows, when required.
Electronic contractmanagement with EASY CONTRACTÂ
The entirely Web-based application solution EASY CONTRACT ensures that the legal department at Greater Union can sort all its valid contracts, including attachments and associated information, and manage them completely and centrally in electronic files. A clear tree structure ensures the necessary transparency.
Initially, all incoming contract documents are scanned directly in the electronic contract files from the available workflow solution EASY DOCUMENTS via the browser. A defined workflow ensures that information about validity periods and processing states are available anytime throughout the company; it automatically monitors the lifecycles and deadlines of individual contracts. Â
Another workflow handles the release process of the contract documents created by the system.  Depending on contract types, default access rights are defined that can be customized individually when creating contracts. Given the essential option to transfer a contract directly from DOCUMENTS and store it in the EASY archive in a retrievable manner after its expiration, revision-proof, optimum document storage can additionally be ensured when required.Â
The project at Greater Union was accompanied by user training courses and an extensive experttest.Â
Christine Weigand, Manager of Finance & Accounts at Greater Union, became convinced of the DMS overall solution. She said: “With the implementation of EASY ENTERPRISE, our internal workflows have been significantly accelerated, and have become more transparent. Heavily reduced processing times, company-wide access to documents, clearly structured workflows and access rights have ensured that our employees through their commitment also quickly became familiar with the new applications.
The company is planning follow-up projects to integrate more of its subsidiaries as well as connect the existing ERP system including purchase order processing in the movie software “Tiveno” to the EASY solution. In this context, the existing intranet solution at Greater Union is also to be replaced with the portal solution EASY LOGISTICS CENTER CONTENT.

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