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Speeding Camera Photo with Link – The Digital Traffic Ticket

There are some letters you’d rather not get. Case in point: notifications of fees or penalties from the city – like traffic tickets you might get for parking illegally or going over the speed limit. Nevertheless: in the district of Oldenburg, in the future it will be easier to object to these kinds of tickets or provide your own statement – thanks to digital files.

For even if you aren’t worried about the ticket, you at least theoretically have the little pleasure of knowing you could submit an objection or admit your guilt online. At least you could get the whole matter behind you relatively quickly and easily.


Growing Number of Cases – Consistent Digitisation

This has significant advantages for city agencies like the fine collections office. Such offices have been registering an increasing number of traffic violations for years now. The need to improve internal processes and save shipping costs is obvious.

No sooner said than done. Now traffic violators – whether they’re sorry or not – receive a web link and access data along with their warning, hearing, or witness survey (and, of course, an obligatory photo for proof). The system automatically adds everything they log online to their digital file.


And Yet … A Dubious Pleasure…

This is a good example for digitisation in public administration, that much is clear. However: if you don’t want to learn first hand of the advantages of this “best practice,” you’ve got control of the situation in your own hands – or your own feet as it were. Just let off the gas in time, and you’ll be spared the experience of this – admittedly unpleasant – digitisation experience.

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