PCM Contract Management Cloud Edition Premiers at EASY WORLD

EASY presented the PCM Contract Management Cloud Edition to attendees of EASY WORLD for the first time in September. The solution, based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, went online just a few hours before in the SAP store.


Unavoidable Gaps …

SAP users know: many SAP modules already include contractual content. What’s missing is a uniform overview of all contracts and associated documents and processes, without exception. After all, companies maintain much more than just purchasing agreements. They receive investment and rental agreements, sign confidentiality or sales agreements, and much more. SAP in the standard version can’t offer an overview of all this. Even users who do the work and look through all of the modules will still run into gaps.


… Closed by EASY, With All New Options

These are gaps EASY closed quite some time ago with its PCM Contract Management. EASY PCM Contract Management offers a uniform solution in SAP for capturing all contracts, saving associated documents, and implementing all processes involved in the life cycle of an agreement. Direct integration of relevant SAP documents (MM documents, invoices, etc.) is just one advantage of an SAP based solution. The assessment function offers all new options in contractual management based on SAP. Comprehensive analyses are easily produced in just a few steps, creating additional transparency in case of warranty claims, for instance. In these cases, especially, it is important to compare purchasing and sales agreements. Otherwise, the company could be taking on huge costs.


This is why EASY has invested quite a bit in mobilising its business applications in SAP over the last few months. With the introduction of “EASY PCM Contract Management” at EASY WORLD 2016, we presented customers with the first building block in this overall strategy and launched it in the SAP app centre.


EASY PCM Contract Management supplements our available on premises product by adding HTML5 or SAP Fiori based access to contract management, meaning that it functions on a mobile basis, across all devices and platforms, with a uniform and intuitive user interface. It allows users to map, record, manage, and monitor all contractually-relevant data and deadlines in a structured manner.

This means customers can choose whether their contractual data and associated documents should be managed in the company’s own SAP system and archive, in a cloud-based system, or in a blended (hybrid) environment, or choose different options for different parts of their data.


Defined Roles for Added Security

In addition, PCM Contract Management Cloud Edition allows duties to be distributed by role. While one user may only conduct research – whether by quick search with auto complete function or through the comprehensive search screen – others might be able to edit contracts, record data, file documents, or complete analyses. The highest security is ensured during all processes, since SAP operates its cloud in Germany and keeps data streams safe.


Communicating Through the System: Why Not?

And what will the future bring? EASY and SAP are already working on solutions for the users of tomorrow. There’s a lot to look forward to – for instance to communication with the personal assistant, which facilitates a dialogue with the SAP system that’s something like WhatsApp, and the integration of artificial intelligence to support automated business processes. Things are going to stay exciting – and user-oriented.

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