BKK Linde digitizes the paper process

“Family portfolio care”

BKK Linde (Betriebskrankenkasse Linde) is a certified statutory health insurance fund which welcomes members throughout Germany. BBK was founded in 1952 for the employees of the company Linde AG and its group operations. It has been open to those seeking health insurance coverage throughout Germany since 2007. As a health insurance fund, BKK Linde operates independently within the umbrella organization of the BKK.

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BKK increases service quality and processing speed of family portfolio care with EASY ApiOmat

Self-Services und Service Apps helfen der BKK Linde

EASY ApiOmat enables us to provide this excellent digital user experience quickly and efficiently, while fulfilling the exacting requirements surrounding the protection of social security data at the same time.“

Robert Leubner Head of Marketing, BKK Linde

BKK Linde is an independently-managed statutory body under public law. It is based in Wiesbaden and represented at a total of nine locations throughout Germany. BKK Linde currently has 240 employees who take care of everything relating to the health and wellbeing of its approximately 138 thousand insured customers. To further complement the range of services it offers, BKK Linde cooperates with chosen partners in the health care sector. The health care network of BKK Linde allows for a service offering that extends beyond the statutory framework.

The BKK Linde Service App now enables Policyholder‘s data, taking into consid­eration data protection norms, to be made available on all channels. The poli­cyholders can themselves decide when and where their data can be rendered. The Family questionnaire created by BKK Linde and ApiOmat has successfully brought BKK Linde to the next level of its client focused digitalization strategy. Further complex business processes such as “reimbursement of foreign invoic­es” or “clarification of further insurance” have already been implemented. BKK Linde customers now have access to over 20 self-service forms.

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Digital Service for higher customer satisfaction

Costumers in the digital age no longer see the difference between the multiple communication channels in their private lives or between their insurance com­panies. They expect all standard tasks to be dealt with, such as: The submission of sick certificates, bills, any correspondence as well as giving the requirements for the member certificates and healthcare cards. BKK Linde had already rose to meet this challenge by 2015.

Complex procedures for policy holders and employees

Before the „Family Portfolio Care“ digital service was launched, the policy holders were mailed a complex personal questionnaire. This questionnaire was not only aggravating for the customers and employees but was also characterized by a long processing period. The digitalization of this process enabled a substantial reduction of the processing time as well as labor and shipping costs.

Digitalization Saves Costs and Resources

The success of this method can be easily proven. Of BKK Linde‘s 135,000 policy holders, around 30,000 will be requested to use Family Portfo­lio Care per year. The completion rate, which was at 0 procent before the digital service was able to reach a quota of 63 procent. Therefore, there is no further testing necessary. 49,290 minutes are saved every year through the blind processing alone, amounting to some overall 56 thousand Euros per year due to the help of the digital service. Further­more, additional services can be digitalized after just one ApiOmat im­plementation.

This solution was put into action by the ApiOmat Backend as a Service with Startup-speed. ApiOmat handles above all the interface in the pro­prietary core healthcare service system 21_c as well the d3-archive sys­tem and the Cloud solution foxdox while maintaining a consistent web form as well as Service AppFrontend. The responsive web app could be implemented with help of the Angular JS SDK in no time.