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Commerzbank has relied on EASY PCM Contract Management as their key tool for the management of supplier relationships for many years. Strategic and operative purchasers can find all of the outline agreements and individual contracts with suppliers and the associated correspondence there. The advantages speak for themselves. The data are collected in a central location and fully integrated into the SAP system. This also facilitates global purchasing management.

The solution now includes some 15,000 sales contracts from all of the national subsidiaries. Commerzbank creates over 4,000 new purchasing contracts annually and stores them in the purchasing file. Strategic Purchasing also uses the EASY PCM Purchasing File for location-independent searches in the purchasing documents.

Carsten Mohr, Team Leader for Operational Purchasing, Commerzbank AG

We have completely adapted the purchasing files in nextPCM to our needs. The biggest benefit of the solution is in the electronic availability of purchasing information.

Carsten Mohr, Team Leader for Operational Purchasing, Commerzbank AG

Did you know?

Our customer Commerzbank is currently the second largest private bank in Germany – based on total assets in billions of Euros. They have total assets, rounded off, of 480 billion Euros.

Source: Die Bank, Zeitschrift für Bankpolitik und Praxis

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