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Public Utilities Kufstein

Transparency accelerates: Paper is history

The Stadtwerke Kufstein (Kufstein Public Utilities) were founded in 1894 as an “urban waterways institute”. A few years later, the areas of electricity and electrical installations were added. The Stadtwerke Kufstein is a 100 percent subsidiary company of Kufstein Municipal Authority, and is currently responsible for the following areas: Electricity, heating, water, waste water, cable television, the internet, telecoms, electrical installations, waste management and public transportation. Its annual turnover amounts to 28 million Euros, and it currently employs 110 members of staff.

EASY SOFTWARE operating at the Stadtwerke Kufstein

The Stadtwerke Kufstein previously used a document management system as a straightforward storage system for all the documents in the company. Maintaining a single archive, rather than several disk drives, was advanced at that time, and the original solution was also sufficient. To fulfil the spirit of the times in terms of transparency and speed, however, it was eventually time to integrate the internal and external processes into electronic workflows. After an exacting analysis of the market, easy software was found to be the most suitable and flexible solution.

Electronic invoices are sent to the approval workflow as before, while conventional invoices are scanned in the central inbox with a document scanner using the high-performance easy capture scan module before being saved by keyword/indexed and sent on their journey through the company. “This electronic approval process allows us to gain in transparency and therefore to automatically gain in speed,“ explains Wolfgang Gschwentner, authorized signatory and project manager at the Stadtwerke Kufstein.

A clearly defined process determines which invoice is approved by which person. Once examined by the clerk, they are then transferred to the head of department, the authorized signatory or the managing director, depending on their level of importance. If there is still no response from a department after 2 days, the invoice automatically moves up one level in the hierarchy. The employees can access all the documents stored in the easy documents document management system via web client, iPhone or other smartphones. With the innovative Mobile Client, access to the internal sequences is possible any time and any place. In this way, the employees remain connected to the company’s internal workflows and can participate in the decision-making processes.

With EASY we are able to increase the customer satisfaction and also due to the shortened processing times the final result.

Wolfgang Gschwentner,
Business Director at Stadtwerke Kufstein, CEO at Energie West


Once the invoice has been approved, it is automatically forwarded to the accounting department before being transferred and automatically stored in the audit proof easy software archive. The original invoice is destroyed following the scanning and the successful backup of the server. „An interface to the ERP system (Vendoc) and financial accounting (JetFibu) places the scanned invoice in each consolidated line,“ explains Wolfgang Gschwentner, discussing the integration of easy into the existing software.

Customers have several options for requesting an electrical power connection. By telephone, via a webpage or by telephone call. Irrespective of this, a workflow is initiated via easy in all cases. These requests are required to pass through three different departments. In the past, the employees often had to struggle with extended processing times. With the use of easy, this was resolved in one fell swoop. In the future, it will be possible to initiate all of the customer processes via electronic workflow. This provides the customers with a latest generation service.

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