To efficient processes with the digital file

Franz Wiltmann GmbH & Co. KG is an all-around SAP user. When it came to introducing a digital file solution to the human resources system, it was clear that only a file integrated directly into SAP should be used, it should be based on SAP NetWeaver Folders Management and run in SAP.

Before the company introduced the digital file from EASY SOFTWARE, there was still a lot of paper. The HR files for a total of around 800 employees were stored in various rooms and cabinets. With that, the goal of the change was obvious: faster access, better overview and saving space. No sooner said than done. That way, HR workers are able to access documents in the file directly from the familiar SAP HCM HR master. Changing programs is not necessary. All in all, EASY PCM Personnel File lays the foundation for simplifying and optimizing the workflows.

“We can use the nextevolution solution to jump right from the file into the SAP HR master record, have a structured view of the processes, can easily integrate an e-mail as a component of the file directly from Outlook – this is the added value offered by the file solution”.

Heinz Ostlinning, HR manager Wiltmann

Header Franz Wiltmann GmbH & Co. KG

Did you know?

Wiltmann gained its name primarily for its naturally-aged, air-dried and smoked summer sausage.

The owner-managed, mid-sized company has operated its production site in Peckeloh, Germany since 1887.

The company was born from tradition of home-made sausage production at the family’s own Bramerthof dating back to 1786.

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