Release 5.0: new developments from EASY for SAP

For over 20 years, EASY SOFTWARE AG has been delivering standard solutions for audit-proof archiving and managing documents and information in SAP systems. With over 1,000 installations, the EASY solution has proven itself a vital tool for capturing incoming paper documents, outgoing printed documents and lists, and application data in SAP for more than a decade. Continually recertified for the newest SAP versions, the tool stands out for its reliability even under heavy demand.


Revised interfaces

The new version 5.0 contains numerous innovations and improvements. For example, we extensively revised the user interface to offer workers an even higher level of user-friendliness and clarity. You’ll find associated improvements in lots of places – for instance in the menu structure, the arrangement of tabs, and documentation options.


Flexible search options

To fulfill ever increasing demands for both security and compliance, the new version also logs all changes to the configuration. We have also created even more secure transmission methods by using https in interactions between EASY for SAP and the new EASY ECM, specifically with the components of EASY Archive and EASY DMS.


Innovations for reliable tools

In EASY for SAP – Archiving Plus, we reworked and expanded the search function in the status administration area. Now, you have a way to directly review data sets with the status “invalid.” In the reliable EASY for SAP – Smart Link, you can use the new administration functions to review the status of available documents. We also expanded the module EASY for SAP – Find, so that it now offers, for example, support for hit list reporting by EASY Archive.


Simple troubleshooting

There have been poorly implemented function modules in some more current SAP versions. Errors can occur in particular constellations when combined with EASY for SAP (Archiving Plus, Smart Link), which a specially implemented solution now avoids.

Finally, we’d like to mention the Migration Toolkit, which expands the new version of EASY for SAP by offering the ability to write and export a complete migration protocol (business logging). This allows you to painlessly generate another building block for comprehensive compliance documentation.


More in the extranet

EASY Partners can, as always, find much more valuable information on EASY for SAP and its included components as well as downloads in the EASY Extranet.

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