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Smart Computerization: Our next project is funded by the state

German economy is somehow well off, isn’t it? According to a recent KPMG rating, economic growth last year has been 1.9% – the highest since 2011. Unemployment is falling continuously as much as the BCI rises. Things couldn’t be any better, or could they?

Barely: Again and again you hear or read about uncertainties concerning the future. And there is a point: favourable business environments are never lasting as history shows. Corporations could be tempted to neglect or defer continuous development and adaption of their internal processes during these fat years, though.

Not a Crystal gazing, but…

Understandably so, but somewhat unreasonable. Even though I cannot do any Crystal gazing I find it quite foreseeable that concerning our globalized economy surrounding conditions will cause considerable effects not only in the corporate micro cosmos but also in the global macro cosmos. And who is to say he can control all these factors completely?

…Trump, Brexit, Turkey

Examples? The FED caused the turnaround in interest rates in the US. Moreover: How will the new US Government continue their politics of protectionism? We don’t even have to look across the Atlantic. The English Channel will do. What further effects will be caused by Brexit in Europe, in Germany and our competitors? Prices of German exports have already been noticeably raised. Russia? Turkey? What the heck is happening?

Corporations must react

The nearest conclusion: Small and medium sized businesses should always prepare themselves for possible crises and ever increasing competition not only nationally but also internationally during the fat years. Any increase in efficiency will help to take counter actions to remain stable or even growing during the hard times.

Who will pay the price, who’s got the money?

North Rhine-Westphalian and Bavarian Governments had an idea. They will support small and medium sized businesses (SMB) in the computerization of their business processes under particular conditions. There is this North Rhine-Westphalian initiative “Innovationsgutschein Digitalisierung” which hands corporations benefits up to € 25.000. Innovation benefits up to 80% of all project costs are possible. Interested corporations can apply for a voucher at the NRW department of science.

SMBs could identify and realize corporate potentials through computerization in cooperation with research and scientific institutes. I find that a reasonable as well as positive political campaign, which isn’t really what you call self-evident concerning the economic computerization.

I’m sure you can guess by now who to contact if you need any support with your own company’s computerization. Give me a buzz:

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