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Keeping track of everything – anywhere.

Apps for time registration, apps for construction sites, apps for mobile order processing in the trade: apps for workmen are always good solutions when they make daily work easier for your installer instead of making it more complicated; when they easily integrate with everyday working life – just like the EASY Tradesman app.

Mobile order processing – efficiency “to go”

With the EASY Tradesman app, it’s bye-bye paper. Documents filled out in illegible handwriting, lost minutes – the app ensures that all this is a thing of the past. Instead, all required data is available anytime at the touch of a button. Even time registration for multiple workers and logging an order can be performed in a mobile way. Reports, journey logs, documentation, appointment management – workmen will find all this in an intuitive interface.

Mobile time registration – faster than ever using the app

When service appointment follows service appointment, every minute counts. Avoiding unproductive procedures is the linchpin of greater efficiency. Due to its mobile time registration, the EASY Tradesman app saves your employees valuable time, making life easier for them. It only takes seconds to enter working hours and breaks, which are digitally available for internal connect processes like checking or documentation.

Digital report notes: The basis for quick billing

Report notes are indispensable to issuing invoices, because they contain proof of services rendered as well as use of materials and devices. If they are illegible or cannot be found, the back office will have to search and invoices will be issued at a later time. Whereas the digital report note of the EASY Tradesman app provides the back office with unequivocal data that it can immediately use. This “cannot be lost” and can, depending on requirements, be provided even in real time.

Team communication – using your own messenger service

Messenger services are not just useful in the private sphere, they are also popular for use on construction sites, e.g. to exchange information about project details, current status, pending and concluded tasks. That’s why the EASY Tradesman app provides a separate instant messenger for communication among your team. And you don’t have to conduct your conversations via applications that leave a lot to be desired as regards privacy.

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