The EASY ECM modules, Part 1: EASY Archive, EASY Workflow, EASY Capture and Extraction

Companies today access relevant information via a range of channels. Identifying, selecting and automatically incorporating this information into the correct business process is a task that only perfectly designed ECM solutions can manage efficiently and reliably – ECM solutions like the new EASY ECM.

Four of its twelve modules are solely responsible for the processing, identification, workflow feed-in and audit-proof archiving of company data.


EASY Archive (based on EASY ENTERPRISE.x)

The new EASY ECM comes with just one archive solution: EASY Archive. EASY ENTERPRISE.i or EASY DOCUMENTS ARCHIVE are no longer used for new projects. However, they can still be used by existing customers where required. EASY Archive offers considerable advantages when it comes to installation and administration, however. Almost all of the installation components are bundled in one set-up process. It includes all third-party components, including databases and basic configurations – a considerable simplification of the licensing and activation processes is also in development. And that is not all: With EASY Archive, EASY is delivering one part of EASY ECM as a uniform showcase for all products.


EASY Client, EASY DMS, EASY Workflow (based on EASY DOCUMENTS 5)

EASY ECM users work with the modern, web-based EASY Client. The new solution not only features an improved interface for EASY Archive; it is also completely future-proof and, with HTML5 and responsive design, represents the latest state of technology. The latest user interfaces and a sophisticated operating ergonomy give the user the best possible support for their work – there is an improved drag & drop for documents and an optimised keyboard operation.


EASY Capture (based on EASY CAPTURE PLUS)

EASY Capture is the central instance for recording information from all input channels and, as such, is a key part of EASY ECM. It doesn’t matter whether the documents are fed in on paper, in emails, via the print data stream or the file system – EASY Capture manages the flow. High performance goes hand in hand with simple installation. A further benefit: Individual passes only need to be defined once and are then available for every input channel. EASY Capture then transfers the selected information to the corresponding subsequent processes, and completes the stages of capturing, extraction, workflow feed-in and archiving.

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