The ECM industry: Self-critical at CeBIT

The industry association Bitkom released new figures to mark CeBIT. These figures confirm what predictions and ECM providers have been saying for a long time: Enterprise content management (ECM) is a must for companies – soon it will be impossible to manage the sheer amount of data without a system to channel the rising flood of information. You could say: Anyone who continues to work without ECM is soon going to be out-manoeuvred.


Compliance and security

The growth figures look good. 5.9 percent more sales compared to the successful previous year – that is the prediction from the industry association for ECM providers. In 2015, ECM solutions are set to generate around 1.8 billion euro. More and more companies are realising that ECM is not just about cutting costs and increasing efficiency; it is also about compliance and security. Medium-sized companies in particular have recognised this fact – it may have taken them longer than the corporations and large companies, but the change is noticeable.


Customer-friendly communications – More important than ever before

One part of the predictions requires special attention: The ECM industry must accept that they are in part to blame for the caution shown by medium-sized companies. They have been addressing decision-makers in medium-sized businesses in the same way as they address IT managers from global corporations for too long. But the language used by international IT managers is very different from that of a director of a medium-sized company. The latter don’t like cryptic acronyms and complicated IT jargon. In fact, the opposite is actually true. It only serves to confuse; just like product names that do not communicate any benefit.


EASY is walking new paths

It is a good thing that this knowledge can now be read in official, black and white print. But it is, of course, old news. EASY began its new path last year, with the development of the new EASY ECM, which was presented to partners for the first time in January. Simplicity and customer benefit are the focus. This begins with the “expressive” product names, and runs through the entire marketing – not to mention the usability and simple interoperability of the applications.

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