IT Governance

Scalable operation and governance

Always have an overview of who has access to which data, interfaces and modules.

EASY ApiOmat provides the foundation for accelerating a digital strategy and provides the tools necessary for enforcing digital governance. From detailed audit logs of each digital service and role-based access rights to standardized digital infrastructure and generated RESTful APIs, ApiOmat allows enterprises to establish the right mixture of standards and flexibility while maintaining control over their digital ecosystem.

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On-boarding with Organizations and User Management

To meet the demand for digital services, companies need to be able to quickly onboard internal and external users. With ApiOmat’s on-boarding tool, IT can easily manage organizations and individual users and enforce contracts such as NDAs, Style Guides, CI Guidelines etc.

Role-based Access Right

Assign individual users fine granular access rights to various digital services, modules, microservices and analytics. Grant limited access to users, integrate internal authentication and authorization services to further control access to digital services.

Platform-wide Audit Log

With the auditing function, changes to meta information and source code are transparent and centrally located. Backend access log files are kept on an application basis. Changes are tracked in a protocol that can be used for the compliance policies or can be used as the basis for reporting.

IT Governance Advantages

EASY ApiOmat decouples user authentication from authentication to perform various actions, enabling a granular rights system.

  • Flexible management of rights and roles
  • Simple contract management
  • Security through contracts

Test Normalization

ApiOmat reduces the expenses that are incurred from every development project thanks to the standardized auditing process. Components must be regularly tested and approved, but the infrastructure only has to be approved once. Each following project can be launched immediately on ApiOmat, allowing enterprises to scale fluidly.

  • Audit generated APIs and SDKs once
  • APIs and Modules automatically documented in Swagger
  • Unified and managed Backend Services for any number of frontends

Front- and Backend Standardization

Standardize and centralize the development processes for frontends and backends. Frontend developers simply use ApiOmat SDKs and no longer need access to your enterprise IT systems. For backend development, developers build ApiOmat modules to integrate data sources, implement logic and orchestrate data.

  • Standard Offline Handling, Delta Sync and Authentication
  • Generated Standard APIs & SDKs
  • Reuseable Modules

Data Privacy

Using personal user data is an essential part of business and it needs to be protected. With ApiOmat, you ensure that all data protection regulations are met for both employee and customer data. ApiOmat Analytics also stores 100% of its data in your installation, preventing your user analytics from being hosted with 3rd party providers.

  • Comply with Data Protection Regulations
  • Enforce NDAs, Data Privacy Agreements and Contracts
  • App analytics stored locally

Less Risk, More Reusableability

Speed up the time-to-market with ApiOmat’s reusable modules. Modules make business logic, system and API connectors as well as data orchestrations reusable throughout projects by implementing module configuration. Stop rebuilding existing components from the ground up and reduce total overall risk of every digitalisation project.

Multi Experience

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Customer Stories
  • LBBW‘s new customer portal offers a future-looking and smooth userexperience. According to Thomas Löffler, IT manager for LBBW‘s Commercialplatform, LBBW is extremely satisfied with the current statusof the project and the collaboration with EASY.

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  • Accessing healthcare should be easy and on-demand and for those insured with the Linde Corporation’s Health Insurance, it is. BKK Linde built their newest digital service at startup speed while ensuring the project, and all future projects, will fulfill EU data privacy standards as well as special German insurance-data privacy regulations.

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