Digital services for any frontend without media disruptions

Users are interacting with more devices than ever before,
requiring digital services to take an omni-channel approach.

Frontend Development with EASY ApiOmat

By creating digital services with various frontends in mind, users are able to interact with digital products with via the channel that is most convienent for them at any specific time. Enterprise companies use EASY ApiOmat to establish their multi-experience layer, as they can easily develop new solutions for any frontend device. Furthermore, its easy to extend a service from a web or mobile app to chatbots, voice assistants or even AR or VR headsets.

Extending Digital Services anywhere

Start small with a single experience and deliver value to users as quickly as possible with a Minimum Viable Product. Once the project has been validated easily extend the digital service to other devices and deliver new features and support additional channels with the agility of a startup.

Decouple Frontends from Enterprise IT

Build applications that are independent of specific enterprise systems, cloud services or microservices. With EASY ApiOmat’s core backend services, data sources can be quickly integrated and replaced should the system of record change.

SDKs Support Devices of Tomorrow

Every digital service built with EASY ApiOmat includes standardized APIs and SDKs in all of the major frontend developer languages, making it easy for development teams to extend digital products or services to new frontend device.

Introduction to Smart SDKs

Use the EASY ApiOmat SDK for the targeted platform and build a great UX.

Introduction to Smart SDKs

Use the EASY ApiOmat SDK for the targeted platform and build a great UX.

EASY ApiOmat Advantages

EASY ApiOmat standardizes the development of each project and drastically reduces the cost and time to market. Integrate backend systems, web APIs and IoT devices once with EASY ApiOmat modules, and reuse them in future projects. The architecture for all frontend solutions is no longer a discussion, but a standard process.

Run periodic penetration tests on a single platform, EASY ApiOmat, instead of testing a countless number of individual webservices. The EASY ApiOmat platform is built for web-scale and can dynamically scale to meet the needs of your apps. Development agencies and integration partners are onboarded in no time with the EASY ApiOmat SDKs and modules, providing startup speed.


Consistent Experiences Across Devices

Build digital services that offer users a consistent experience regardless of the app or frontend interface that they are use. The best user experiences extend across touch points, allowing a user to start using one device and continue their interactions on another digital channel. With EASY ApiOmat, each service offers users access to the most current data making it easy for users to start a conversation with a Google Home and carry on with the iOS app later.

Back 2 Code – Empower IT

EASY ApiOmat accelerates development while supporting any development environment. Whether its Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio or Atom, EASY ApiOmat generates source-code SDKs. Individual preferences, IDEs or project specific standards can be used and implemented without worries.


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