SEPTEMBER 29, 2020 | 100% DIGITAL



SEPTEMBER 29, 2020 | 100% DIGITAL

On 29 September, experience the digital world of business processes with its almost infinite possibilities. No narrowness, no rooms, no limits – the congress for the digitization of your business processes will be 100% virtual – with 100% knowledge transfer, interactive exchange and networking. Digital transformation can be that easy.

Immerse yourself in EASY WORLD 2020 and gain valuable insights on how to fathom the potential of your business processes and focus on your customers. A program with about 70 sessions in English and German for procurement-to-pay, HR, material management, DMS as well as cloud services, digital platforms and applications awaits you.


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September 29, 2020

9.00 am – WEST
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10.00 am – CEST
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11.00 am – EEST
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September 29, 2020

7.00 am – PT
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10.00 am – ET
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September 30, 2020

8.30 am – IST
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12.00 pm – JST
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Web sessions with focus on knowledge transfer

In 20 international presentations in English and over 50 presentations in German of about 20 minutes you will learn everything about digital processes for Procurement-to-Pay, HR, material management, DMS and cloud services, digital platforms and applications. Find out why digitizing processes is not just a software topic, how to improve the experience of your customers and employees or which steps lead to a successful digitization project – and much more…

Please note that the international streams and the German streams differ in content and take place at different times. To get to the German content, please click here.

Highlight Speaker Tijen Onaran: Digitization as a Chance

Tijen Onaran is an entrepreneur, author and presenter. With Global Digital Women she is committed to the networking and visibility of women in the digital industry and also advises companies on diversity issues. She was appointed to the Faculty Board for “Digital Leadership” at Management School St. Gallen. The business magazine Capital voted her one of Germany’s Top 40 under 40 and in early 2019 she received the InspiringFifty Award for “Women in Tech”.

Experience the Digital Showroom With our Partners

The digital fair knows no boundaries. Look forward to the online showroom where you can discover solutions for your digital business processes from our partners and EASY SOFTWARE, download exclusive content, and network directly with your experts via chat.

Work Hard Play Hard

Together with you we would like to conclude the online congress with a wine tasting. For this, we are giving away 350 packages, which we will send to you in advance. Celebrating together is also possible online.

Play Online Against the eSports Team of Borussia Mönchengladbach

We provide the necessary shot of variety and entertainment. The eSports team of Borussia Mönchengladbach (German Bundesliga) is back to play FIFA against you. Do you accept the challenge? Please note that this offer is only available on the European stream due to different time zones.

These Partners Speak at the EASY WORLD 2020

Intex Logo
Konica Minolta IT Solutions GmbH
Logo smahrt Consulting AG
Part5ner DoccuBizz auf der EASY WORLD 2020
xlog GmbH auf der EASY WORLD 2020
Rhenus Systems auf der EASY WORLD 2020


Digital Platforms and Industry 4.0

Overcome the Experience Gap: Digital Platform, Applications and SAP Logistic Processes

This is a preview on the international program – we will keep you informed about further agenda items. Stay tuned. Please note that this is the international content. If you are interested in the German content, please switch to the German language version.

What do customers, employees and suppliers think of your company? And what feelings do users associate with your products or services? That’s what Experience Management tells you. With the combination of operating data (O data) and experience values (X data), you are able to measure user experience on a finely-tuned basis and in real time. Become part of the Experience Economy, and give your users the best personal experience.

Overcome the Experience Gap

Michael Reiserer & Travis Marsh, EASY SOFTWARE

How Process2Design and materials management can be pushed by partners: Report from the practice. Christian Gebert, from iXLOG business consulting, talks about how quickly the onboarding of the digital platform including the solution for materials management in the company can be achieved.

Fast Process Implementation of MDM

Christian Gebert, iXLOG

Connect IT and Business and deliver innovative ideas fast and effectively. Go live with digital products and services faster and support all the devices of today – and tomorrow.

Digital Platform – Use Cases


You have already made the strategic decision to significantly improve the quality of your master data and have developed a strategy to implement it? We show you how to transform your strategy for improving the quality of master data in your company into a project and which stumbling blocks you should not ignore.

SAP Logistic – From Strategy to Project

Marcus Surges & Derek Lambert, EASY SOFTWARE

In the 30-minute slot for the live demo, we show you the capabilities of a personnel file integrated into SAP. Experience the modern interface based on SAP Fiori.

Add-ons for SAP HCM

Rachel Taylor, EASY SOFTWARE

Smart Procurement and HR Processes

Deep Dive Into Smart Procurement and HR Processes.

This is a preview on the international program – we will keep you informed about further agenda items. Stay tuned. Please note that this is the international content. If you are interested in the German content, please switch to the German language version.

The so-called Procurement-to-Pay process, i.e. the sum of the steps from initial demand to payment of the invoice, is one of the administrative core processes in companies.

SAP Invoice – Experience New Features

Howard Frear & Roland Conzelmann, EASY SOFTWARE

The document has a long life cycle in the company. In this session we show you tips and tricks of the software that you certainly did not know yet.

Do You Know Everything About Documents?

Sean McLaughlan, EASY SOFTWARE

Do you want to negotiate contractual terms with a new partner? No problem! Simply assign them permissions, upload the contract to the cloud and you’re off, regardless of where your contract partner is.

Collaboration Tool


In this 30-minute lecture for the live demo, we show you the capabilities of a personnel file integrated into SAP. Experience the modern interface based on SAP Fiori.

Smart Add-ons for SAP HCM

Constantin Nadherny & Rachel Taylor, EASY SOFTWARE

What capabilities do our customers gain when using EASY solutions for the challenges of digitization in the home office? Learn it in this session.

EASY Archive & Interfaces

Marc Brudzinski, EASY SOFTWARE

Highlights from the german streams

Experience over 50 sessions from all business processes

This is a preview on the German program. If you are interested in the German content, please switch to the German language version.

Yes, the answer is! You can create your own automated processes, electronic forms, records and documents in SAP HCM and distribute or manage tasks simply with a mouse click. Carmen Kolbe from our partner company friendWorks GmbH will show you how this works and how you can build you own processes.

Flexible Standard: Does This Really Work? | HR

Carmen Kolbe, friendWorks GmbH

Back from the future: Get to know the smart and groundbreaking DMS functions today as well as further tips and tricks of the software. New, but also “hidden” functions are shown, which you may not yet be familiar with.

Do You Use all the Featuress? | DMS

Thomas Meysel, EASY SOFTWARE

Microservices are currently on everyone’s lips. But many companies are asking themselves how governance can be ensured in the individuality of microservices. The new versions of EASY ApiOmat provide the option of generating executable microservices.

Microservices & Rapid Prototyping


The P2P process, as an administrative core process, offers a very high potential for cost savings in the context of digitization. SAP offers only a few answers here in the standard system; a consistent, user-centered approach is very difficult to recognize. In this presentation we will show an example of how the P2P process, from purchase to archiving, can be presented consistently in SAP using EASY solutions.

The Entire P2P Process Without Media Breaks | P2P

Andreas Wendt & Roland Conzelmann, EASY SOFTWARE

Which technologies will shape our business life? And how do we translate this into a strategy? At the beginning of EASY WORLD, Oliver Krautscheid ventures a look into the future of digital business processes at EASY SOFTWARE.


Oliver Krautscheid, Executive Board EASY SOFTWARE

These Customers Speak at EASY WORLD 2020

Kinopolis Logo
Logo SVO Celle-Uelzen Netz GmbH


We develop software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. We integrate these into existing IT structures and generate sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for our customers.

EASY WORLD takes place entirely in virtual space, so you can sit comfortably at your laptop and participate in the entire event.

The corona pandemic has turned our society upside down and with it our ability to deal with content in depth. Home office and home schooling require new flexibility, which is why the current EASY WORLD program is designed to be linked to everyday work and provides time slots to accommodate this.

Following your booking, you will receive an e-mail with all access data before EASY WORLD. This includes a link that opens a window in your preferred Internet browser and takes you directly to the online event.

  • Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the e-mail.
  • You do not need to install any extra software on your computer. Participation is also possible with current tablets or smartphones.
  • Upon registration, we will set up an individual access for EASY WORLD that cannot be used multiple times

The participation is completely free of charge for you.

EASY WORLD provides a diverse program with comprehensive content. There are 5 streams running in parallel. We are aware that you will therefore not be able to participate in all sessions. We will therefore record all presentations and make them available to our participants afterwards.

Please understand that we can provide the recordings slightly delayed in the days after EASY WORLD, since cutting and uploading the many slots takes some time. We will inform all participants as soon as the recordings are available.

When you register for EASY WORLD 2020, you can indicate whether you would like to participate in our wine tasting competition. We will then draw a total of 350 packages. If you are one of the winners, you will be informed by e-mail and your wine package will be sent to your home free of charge.

Alternatively, you can donate to the non-profit district project “Together for Eppinghofen” from Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany. As part of the CSR Competence Centre Ruhr, a district project is starting in the Eppinghofen district of Mülheim an der Ruhr with the aim of implementing concrete cooperation projects with companies and non-profit organisations and thus contributing to a neighbourhood worth living in. The project was inspired by a Dutch concept that is already being successfully implemented in Germany.

By participating, you agree on behalf of the company you represent to the following terms and conditions of participation:

  • Participation in the raffle is voluntary and free of charge. The prize draw will be held among the registrations for EASY WORLD 2020 | 100% Digital.
  • All companies located in Europe are eligible to participate.
  • The companies must be represented by a person with unlimited legal capacity residing in Europe, who is at least 18 years old at the time of participation, when checking and updating the contact data as well as when entering the lottery.
  • The prize consists of participation in one of the two tastings. Neither a cash payment nor an exchange is possible.
  • Personal data will be collected, processed and used within the framework of the legal data protection regulations and for the purpose of maintaining the customer relationship.

Participation deadline: September 13, 2020
Date for the drawing of prizes/drawing of the winners: September 14, 2020

No, the German and English streams are different. For the German speaking regions we offer about 50 online sessions, all of which are live. In the two international streams we offer 20 sessions on different business processes – the most interesting for our international audience –, which are recorded before. This way we can offer the content in different time zones. Check out your time zone at the top of the webpage.

Do you have further questions about the online congress on digital business processes?

If we could not answer all questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Birgit Eijkhout

Head of Corporate Marketing
E-Mail: b.eijkhout@easy.de


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