• eInvoices will be mandatory from 2025; the two people shown are delighted.

    The electronic invoice – compulsory in the B2B segment as of 2025?

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  • Buy or Subscribe? What are the Advantages of Software-as-a-Service?

    SaaS vs. license purchase, cloud vs. on-premises. Which type of company gains the greatest benefits from which model? Is there a clear winner?

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  • Digitizing accounting – seven steps to paper-free bliss

    If you’re thinking of digitizing your accounting, you’ll be pleased to hear that there has never been a better time to do it. Accounting software and tools for the paper-free office are ready and waiting – it only remains for you to take the next step and bring your company into its digital future.

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  • Smart Contract Management in SAP: How to Recognize a Best-in-Class Solution

    Read here how you can benefit from the comprehensive, company-wide digitalization of contract management and what you need to look out for when selecting a suitable solution if you work with SAP in your organization.

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  • Digital Contract Management: How to Implement the Right Solution in Your ERP System

    In this article, you’ll discover in brief which pain points a digital solution can eliminate and how you should proceed in order to find suitable software for contract management in your organization.

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  • The CLM Guide: Understanding and Establishing Contract Lifecycle Management

    The digitization of contact lifecycle management (CLM) may not be one of the most glamorous business processes. But it still makes a major contribution to the company’s prosperity. The reason is clear: Managing hundreds or even thousands of contracts efficiently is no easy task – especially across different departments and locations.

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  • Signing contracts digitally – in four steps

    If you want to sign contracts digitally, the EASY eSignature signing service makes it even easier. This gives you the advantage of secure electronic signatures – and accelerates contract processes immensely.

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