More and more customers are using Salesforce™ as a CRM cloud service, or using the platform to implement additional services. Some companies have mapped almost all of their company coordination using Salesforce.

This results in the creation of all kinds of documents, including ones which need to be stored in compliance with legal requirements and in a safe location Part of the issue is that some documents aren’t even allowed to leave Germany.

You could look for the right archiving system, buy licenses, set up and operate the archiving server, build interfaces and establish and implement projects to do it all. However, all of these requirements are a good reason to use Salesforce to get ahead. There is no need to operate your own systems, you can avoid high initial investments though payment based on usage, and can use the system immediately, right from the start.

Alternatives Exist – Including Secure Ones

There are alternatives for document storage that are available immediately, operate professionally, and are calculated on a pay-per-use basis. As a customer, however, you should always be sure that these solutions adhere to the appropriate security standards and – if legally required – that archived documents don’t leave Germany.

This doesn’t just apply to the archiving systems themselves and their operation, but also to the security standards that need to be adhered to for the interfaces between Salesforce and your selected archiving service, especially if the archiving system is operated in a different computing centre than Salesforce is.


Software Must Be Certified…

All apps and the services they deliver, which are offered over the Salesforce app exchange, go through an appropriate process of certification by Salesforce, and are subject to extremely high security standards. To fulfil the legal requirements for tax-related and business-critical documents in accordance with the GoDB General Bookkeeping Regulations, the archiving software also needs to have appropriate certification by an auditing association such as the KPMG.


… and the Computing Centre too

A certified computing centre is required for operating an archiving service from the cloud, along with information on what region the servers where the documents are stored are located. Appropriate SLAs generally assure that data is protected against data loss, for instance through regular backups.

With an archiving service from the cloud, you can be certain that the service can be operated for multiple clients at once on a shared archive server. Physically separating all document data by client and service, including not just the archived data, but also index data and full text databases, also contributes to security. The provider of the service should be able to provide a description to this effect.


Think Through Data Deletion

Another point related to security is that you must be able to export your data from the system at any time, while still ensuring that data is deleted completely from all databases and from archive storage after a contract is terminated.

If, however, you are already operating or hosting your own archive server, you should have the opportunity to switch the archiving app over to it, and maintain documents at the level of your own security standards. The EASY archiving app for Salesforce has been available on the app exchange; you can easily test the EASY archiving service for 30 days.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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