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Driven by advancing digitalization, IT systems have to meet the highest of standards and be permanently available as a basis for almost all business processes. EASY SOFTWARE fulfills this requirement with a new support concept.


The permanent availability of first-level support is one of the basic requirements for IT solutions in successful day-to-day business. Unfortunately, not all service providers are equally holistic. People often forget

  • to ensure the constant availability of data, applications and services.
  • And also to ensure permanent availability – including on weekends and public holidays.
  • Key phrase “first level support”: It is often the case that support isn’t even provided in at least one world language [EN].

EASY addresses the problem and is now providing its first-level support around the clock and every day of the week.

Across time zones – 24/7 support

For one person, local time means sunrise and for the other, sunset. Therefore, first level support must be available 24 hours a day, regardless of the respective software product. Whether it’s an on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT landscape or in the configuration of digitalization in the national or international context, for SMEs or corporations, start-ups or established companies: EASY SOFTWARE supports the smooth deployment of the respective software solution with a professional support structure.

With the support on offer from EASY SOFTWARE, your company can respond to its individual needs, growth, and strategic direction through flexible enhancements to the standard support.

EASY First Level Support – at any time and in English

The EASY SOFTWARE First Level Support ensures the optimum support for the continuous availability of your business processes by immediately resolving your problem.

  • Permanent availability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for EASY SOFTWARE products and EASY standard applications, such as EASY HR, EASY Invoice, EASY Request, EASY Contract and much more.
  • Support to international service requests provided by English-speaking service teams

With competent, international experts, EASY Software ensures that support requests are processed around the clock. Our support team initializes the analysis and provides solutions for known error messages. This ensures that you have access to EASY Support worldwide, also during local office hours.

If the solution to the problem necessitates further analysis, the ticket, which includes the analysis that has already been performed is transferred to the second-level support. Here, in-depth concepts are created, workarounds and solutions are developed – so that you can work again as usual as quickly as possible.

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Die EASY SOFTWARE ist Ihr Partner für eine durchgängige Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen. Als Anbieter ebenso zukunftsweisender wie erfolgreicher Softwareprodukte und Servicelösungen, macht EASY Ihr Geschäft einfacher, effizienter und transparenter.

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